Jeremy Mansfield

Because of wasteful spending that occurs under the guise of an “emergency,” citizens should be concerned with continuing these needless declarations of emergency by the Governor and County Executive that chain us to the purse strings of federal dollars.

For example, unbeknownst to County Commissioners, federal dollars voted on by the Commission in September 2020 appropriated to provide relief from the adverse effects of those suffering from the economic impact of Covid were used to buy 32 iPads for County Commissioners and eight other elected officials for more than $38,000.

Buying iPads was never explained to Commissioners when questioning the use of these funds. There are many things that $38,000 can go towards in providing relief to Sumner County residents. Buying iPads for Commissioners who meet once or twice a month isn’t one of them, especially when they all have computers, tablets, or smartphones at home.

Even more egregious, the State of Tennessee had to approve this purchase, which proves that the problem with needless spending is just as bad at the state level as it is at the county level.

Along with Commissioners like Merrol Hyde (District 8), and Moe Taylor (District 1), I have no intention of taking something I don’t need, nor did I vote for.

Under the guise of “Coronavirus Relief,” the county bought these expensive, electronic “toys” with funds intended to mitigate the damage done to people’s lives and county finances due to the adverse effects of Covid.

Do you think this an appropriate use of taxpayer funds for Covid relief?

County Commissioner Jeremy Mansfield represents District 11 and can be reached at

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