Randy Overbeck

Randy Overbeck

Award-winning writer Randy Overbeck was the guest speaker at the Hendersonville Rotary Club this week at the Bluegrass Yacht and Country Club.

Overbeck’s topic “Things That Go Bump in the Night” was an intriguing presentation about cultural beliefs and misconceptions about “the spirit world” and featured reports on documented ghost sightings including controversial photos and videos of purported hauntings.

His program is the result of research he completed for his new book, Blood on the Chesapeake. To the local Rotarians, Overbeck described his latest work of fiction as "a cold case murder mystery wrapped in a ghost story served with a side of romance, all set in a breathtaking beautiful setting."

Reviewers have praised Blood on the Chesapeake as "a smart, edge-of-the-seat tale that will leave readers turning pages. With its imaginative premise, inventive plotting, intriguing supernatural storyline, and to-die-for setting, Blood on the Chesapeake is mesmerizing.” The novel is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books a Million and other retailers.

Overbeck is an award-winning educator, writer and speaker. Overbeck’s 30 plus years’ experience—from teacher to college professor to school leader--informs his novels, which unfold in the familiar confines of the schoolhouse, though with some very unfamiliar intruders, from terrorists to ghosts. 

Overbeck earned raves for his debut novel, Leave No Child Behind, which was awarded the Silver Award for Thriller of the Year from ReadersFavorite.com.  Overbeck is also a sought-after speaker, having presented to audiences large and small, including over 150 clubs and organizations across the country. Currently at work on the second book in the Haunted Shores mystery series, Randy Overbeck lives in Ohio. Visit him online at:  www.authorrandyoverbeck.com

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