Bill Hagerty

Bill Hagerty

Earlier this month, we launched our senate campaign and it has been an exciting time for our family.

We are so touched by the tremendous outpouring of support we have received. As we look ahead to the next year, our family is making plans to travel across our state - and spend a great deal of time back at home in Gallatin - to talk with you about how I can best serve you and your family and represent our shared conservative values in the United States Senate. 

I am proud to enter this race with President Trump’s fullest endorsement and confidence, but earning the confidence and support of you, the people of Tennessee, is my goal. 

Serving in President Trump’s administration was the honor of a lifetime, but when I saw Democrats in Washington – led by the “Squad” – pushing their radical socialist agenda, I felt called to act. They want to control every detail of our lives – from eliminating our cars to controlling what foods we can eat – it does not stop. They are even advocating abortion to save the planet. As a conservative, I was deeply troubled by this; I want Tennesseans to be free.

Even before I announced my intention to run for the United States Senate, President Trump decided I was the right person for the job and gave me his “complete and total endorsement.” I am so grateful to have his support. I haven’t just earned the President’s seal of approval once, I’ve earned it four times. First he tapped me to lead his Tennessee Victory team, then to help lead the Trump Transition Team. He tapped me to represent him and our great nation overseas as the U.S. Ambassador to Japan, and now he has endorsed me for the U.S. Senate. I’m honored and humbled by his strong confidence in me.

And now, earning your support and confidence is what lies before us; I could not be more excited to get to know you better, to hear your concerns and to earn your trust and your vote.

As I talk with my fellow Tennesseans, they are clear: President Trump is making our lives better. He is keeping his promises. Tennesseans want to see more from him - constitutionalist judges, the wall being built, unnecessary regulations off of the books. The economy is strong, but people are concerned. They want to see the Democrats’ liberal socialist agenda stopped. There’s more to do, and they want a conservative senator who will work with President Trump to continue to advance conservative principles and prosperity. I’ll be that conservative Senator. 

I want my kids and every kid in Tennessee to have the same opportunities I had. I have seen first-hand what the President accomplished overseas, and I believe in what he is accomplishing here at home and on the world stage. I’m ready to work with President Trump on day one to deliver for Tennessee families. 

I hope you’ll visit our website and keep up with us on social media. Our whole family is looking forward to meeting you soon, and I look forward to earning your vote. Come join us on Team Hagerty!

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