Ginny McCalla, 100, proudly displays the letter and gift card from Goodwill to celebrate her birthday.

For Hendersonville resident Ginny McCalla, turning 100 years old on July 15 was another day of sweet celebration, with perhaps a few extra perks and surprises.

The energetic Oklahoma native received close to 150 birthday cards which her daughter, Stacy Allen, has been hard at work hanging on the walls like blessings of thanks for the goodness and bright positive spirit that McCalla brings day by day for loved ones, friends and acquaintances.

“Mom also received several balloon bouquets and lots of flowers, including an altar arrangement at her home church, Hendersonville First United Methodist,” said Allen.

McCalla also received a surprise visit from Hendersonville Mayor Jamie Clary a few days before her birthday, as he presented her with a special proclamation that declared July 15 as Ginny McCalla Day in Hendersonville. 

In addition to the city proclamation, McCalla also received a proclamation from Kevin Stitt, the Governor of Oklahoma, to add to the proclamation she had received earlier from the State of Tennessee.

To top things off, Stacy Allen informed us that on Wednesday, July 31, her mother received an official birthday greeting in the mail from the White House in Washington, D.C.

“One hundred seems to be the magic number,” McCalla said. “It was nice to be 100. It feels like 99.”

A birthday party was held on Sunday, July 14, at the home of her daughter Stacy.

“It was for the grandkids and for people who had to work,” Stacy said. “We took a lot of family pictures.

McCalla found one gift that was especially moving – a gift card from Goodwill, sent to her from Chris Fletcher, Communications Director for Goodwill Industries of Middle Tennessee.

“We loved everything about her story,” Fletcher said. “She sounds like such a wonderful person, a great person to know, and that really stuck out. We loved that she said she shopped at Goodwill on the First Saturday; and even though it sounds like she doesn’t usually buy anything, we know she enjoyed shopping at Goodwill and that means a lot to us. So we wanted to do a little something to help make it extra special if we could.”

Fletcher said he was grateful for the staff at the Hendersonville Standard for helping to make things happen so that Goodwill was able to reach McCalla.

“We do have a lot of unique items and things from previous generations,” he said. “We refer to it as a Goodwill treasure hunt because you never know what you’ll find at a store on any given day. The fact that she likes getting out and going shopping there, along with her turning 100; well it was such a great story - one of those pieces that makes your heart sing.”  

McCalla pointed out that she would definitely go to Goodwill on the first Saturday of the month for half-price Saturday bargains.

“Going to Shipley’s for donuts is part of the routine for half-price Saturday trips to Goodwill,” Stacy quickly pointed out.

Also on her 100th birthday, Ginny McCalla received another surprise of sorts. This one was from Sumner County.

“It was a summons for jury duty,” said Stacy. “She was excused and we had a good laugh.”

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