Imogene Thurman

Imogene Thurman, a resident of Red Cedar Glen Senior Living, is celebrating her 100th birthday on Nov. 30. 

Thurman was born to Ann and Walter Griggs on Nov. 30, 1919. She was one of 10 children and they grew up 10 miles outside of Florence, Ala. 

Her husband was Howard Thurman who worked as an auto mechanic while she worked at Genesco for over 40 years. 

In their happy life, they raised one son, Ronald. 

Thurman had a love for dance especially the Charleston and taught jazz until she was in her 80’s. She is known for her love of the color red and for her cat, Tiger Thurman. 

Her one wish is to be on the label of a Smucker’s jelly jar so Red Cedar Glen has reached out to Smucker’s and Thurman is being surprised by receiving a jar of jelly with her picture on the label.

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