The Pope John Paul II High School (JPII) investment program received a big investment of its own.

Part of the JPII Innov8 program, Bob Page’s Investment and Entrepreneurial classes, which give students tools and financial support to make investments in the stock market or to create a business, received an anonymous gift of $290,000 from a donor who was interested in how the course allows students to explore topics like finance and business ownership.

Page’s course fits perfectly into the Innov8 project-based learning model.  Known as a creative and forward-thinking program that makes a college preparatory education transformative and practical, JPII’s Innov8 program, led by Director of Innovation Jennifer Dye, includes a combination of project-based courses, internships, and independent study.

Through involvement in Innov8, students are challenged to be bold, encounter failure, and learn to see those failures as opportunities to grow and learn. Instead of textbooks and tests, the Innov8 program allows the students to become the innovators of the future—leaders in all fields of industry, government, and the arts who will create their own jobs, rather than simply finding them.

The Innov8 program shifts the traditional classroom model by empowering teachers who have unique interests and real-world experiences to become mentors to students who develop solutions that solve real-world problems. Innov8 has allowed JPII students the opportunity to discover their unique potential to affect change in their community and the world.

When Innov8 started at JPII, page was one of the first to get on board, as he was drawn to classes centered on students’ passions and interests. His investment and entrepreneurial classes quickly became two of the most popular courses in the program.

Page said, “Over the next few months, students will create an Investment Plan to support the creation of an endowment-like fund while managing a virtual individual investment portfolio.  Together, these activities along with lessons on the keys to investing (diversification, compounding, and risk analysis, etc.) will establish the students’ investing confidence.  Central to the Investment Plan will be how to invest the funds and distribute the funds to deserving JPII projects. 

It is anticipated that the winning proposal will invest a portion of the recent gift and make a cash grant to a JPII service project.  These transactions will undoubtedly add to the project’s authenticity and excitement.” 

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