Library on the Lawn

A group of neighbors on Morgan’s Way in Gallatin have set up a library to share stories with others. SUBMITTED

There may be a quarantine keeping folks close to home, but a group of students believe that reading can take you places.

Sisters Ava and Lilly Alexander, ages 11 and 8, respectively, teamed up with their neighbors Zoie and Ramzee Womble, ages 12 and 9, to create a unique reading experience they can safely share with others.

“We basically had a library going in my bedroom. I had all of my books out and we kept talking about moving it to the front yard so that others can check out books too,” Ava, a student at Jack Anderson Elementary, explained.

Each day the girls pack up tables, over 200 books and accessories for a lemonade stand and set up shop on their lawn at 2026 Morgan’s Way in Gallatin. 

“We have books for everyone – some horror and mystery, adult books, picture books, action books, autobiographies – everything you can think of,” Ava continued. “It is all free to check out. There is no cost unless they are returned late.”

Lilly added that there is a bonus to working a library from home. “We wanted to meet some new friends and occupy ourselves and see a bunch of friends we haven’t gotten to see in a while,” she said.

Ava and Lilly’s mom, Sarah, said she is proud to see her daughters take initiative and work hard.

“Crystal is Zoie and Ramzee’s mom. We are so proud of them. They worked for weeks making their sign and it is all very organized,” Sarah said. “It is their second week. They haul the books, tables and cooler out and bring it back in themselves.”

The books are divided by category and they offer refreshments at a small price. Each book and bottle of water with Crystal Light Lemonade packet is sanitized. They only serve one customer at the time to practice social distancing.

Last Monday, they loaned out nine books in one day. The library is open Monday thru Wednesday from 1 to 2:30 p.m. weekly.

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