Have you ever heard of Quilts of Valor? Quilts of Valor are quilts that are made specifically to be given to veterans to comfort them and to help them heal.  

The Quilts of Valor foundation was started in 2003 by Catherine Roberts who at that time had a son serving in Iraq. The first quilt was given in November of 2003 at Walter Reed Medical Center to a young soldier from Minnesota who had lost his leg in Iraq. Since then, there have been 234,519 awarded.  

This year the Lakeshore Quilt Guild of Hendersonville which has over 125 members awarded 36 quilts to veterans in the area.  This is the most QOV that has been given by their organization.  

One of these was issued to a Van Conder who is a 94-year-old World War II veteran that served at D-Day, , and Norman L. Kime was another veteran that was awarded who served in the Navy during WWII as a Sea Bee in the Philippines.  

Renee Reimer was the lone female veteran along with 33 male veterans that were awarded quilts. 

We are especially honored this year to have Ginger Fondren, the Assistant Executive Director of the National Quilts of Valor program here to present the quilts and to give each veteran a hug while wrapped in their quilt.  The Committee this year for the Quilts of Valor consisted of: Karen Gibson, Mary Lamberth, Jean Shaw, Teresa Johnston, Karen Krautsach, Francie Hubbard and Lavana Eidson.

The Quilts of Valor were awarded to:  Bradley Adler, Johnnie Anglin, Cornel H. Bond, Fred Britton, Mike Bumbalough, Donald Carnahan, Duane Clark, Van Conder, John Denny, Paul Dotson, John Ezel, David Fall, John Griffith, Evan Hammond, John L. Huffine  s, Robert Humphrey, Jarold A. Kieffer, Norman L. Kime, Joseph Knight, Larry McElyea, Donald Merritt , Eddie Nikazy, David Parrish Larry Perry, Renee Reimer, Barry Rice, Jim Richards, Donnie Roach, Thomas Rodgers, Fred See, Ray Spain, Jerry Spence, Brad Stewart, Robert G. Taylor, Scott Trelstad, Willie Vargas, and John Zagra.

The Lakeshore Quilters Association members each make at least one quilt a year and they give these quilts to deserving charities. This past August they gave 51 quilts to Alive Hospice organization in Sumner County.

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