Portland Mayor Mike Callis, County Com. Billy Geminden, Martin Weekley, County Mayor Anthony Holt, EMS Director Greg Miller, Portland Alderman Mike Hall, and EMA Director Ken Weidner. BONNIE FUSSELL


The City of Portland hosted the Sumner County Council of Governments Annual Awards Dinner on Sept. 30.

Sumner County Mayor Anthony Holt, Portland Mayor Mike Callis, and White House City Manager Gerald Herman presented the awards. Elected officials and dignitaries from across the county were in attendance.

Sumner County Emergency Management Agency Director Ken Weidner and Emergency Medical Services Director Greg Miller were recognized as the County Public Servants of the year for their work during the pandemic.

Holt recognized them for, “never wavering or worrying about their own health.”

They were acknowledged for saving many lives during the pandemic.

Weidner said there were many people who contributed to helping to keep the pandemic under control and accepted the award for all those involved.

Miller stated that coming from East Tennessee, he had never witnessed a collective group of cities and communities working together so effectively.

The Mayor/Administrator/City Manager of the Year award went to Holt. Herman presented the award and recognized that Holt had served four terms as county mayor and 18 years as a county commissioner.

Herman recognized him for his leadership during the pandemic and for his work getting the new criminal justice center construction underway. Holt has served on a number of boards in the area.

In accepting the award, Holt described it as bitter sweet because he was going to miss serving the county and would miss the many good friends he had made, referring to the fact he has said he does not plan to seek reelection.

“Let me say this, keep doing what you are doing,” Holt said. “Never get discouraged because there will always be naysayers. Do what you know is right in your heart. I can tell you that there are many good men and women who are making a big difference in our county.”

Portland Street Supervisor Martin Weekley received the Municipal Public Servant of the Year award.

Portland Alderman Mike Hall was selected as the Municipal Legislator of the Year.

The County Legislator of the Year award went to Billy Geminden.

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