‘Evil’ at Midseason, Summer Games, ‘Eden’ on Earth, An Animated Tig Notaro, ‘Good Witch’ Casts a Final Spell

Pictured (L-R) : Kristen Connolly as Mira Byrd and Katja Herbers as Kristen Bouchard of the Paramount+ series EVIL. Photo: Elizabeth Fisher/CBS ©2021Paramount+ Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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After this week’s terrific episode of Evil on Paramount+, the supernatural thriller takes a month’s break. There’s no stopping the Tokyo Summer Olympics, which air all weekend across NBC’s network, cable and streaming platforms. BBC America takes viewers to unspoiled Edens. Comedian Tig Notaro adds animation to her stand-up arsenal. Hallmark calls it a day for the enchanting Good Witch after seven seasons.

This article originally ran on tvinsider.com.

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