Jumbo and Delicious opens in Greenbrier

Shannon and Shane Jackson at Jumbo and Delicious in Greenbrier. PHIL STAUDER

            A new restaurant opened its doors in Greenbrier this month that specializes in jumbo cheese-stuffed burgers, as well as hot wings and an array of sandwiches.

            It’s called Jumbo and Delicious located at 2354 Highway 41 in the Franklin Center.                                  

            Although the owner has yet to put up a sign over the business, residents seem to have no problem knowing it’s already there.

            In fact, around 40 anxious burger eaters were waiting outside when the doors opened for the first time on Dec. 11, according to Ayman Albert, who serves as manager and cook.

            Since then, the Franklin Center parking lot has even looked a little more crowded during lunch and dinner hours.                     

            And a line that’s even stretched out the door with folks waiting to place orders has become a common scene recently.          

            “We’ve been swamped. Slammed. I’ve been packed up since opening,” said Albert, explaining that the first week he wasn’t even able to answer the business phone due to the number of customers on-site.        

            The restaurant specializes in jumbo cheese-stuffed burgers — which are jazzed up with a combination of seven different seasonings, according to Albert.

            Only fresh, high quality meat is used each day, he said.

            The Half-Pound Stuffed Jumbo Burger — the most popular — runs $7.99. Add a drink and fries to make it a combo for around $12.

            Some other burgers on the menu include the Teriyaki Pineapple Jumbo and the Three-Fourth Pound Stuffed Lamb Burger filled with Provolone cheese inside and out.

            “When I cook (stuffed burgers), the cheese gets melted inside (the meat) and then we put another two cheeses on the outside,” Albert added.

            Other items include speciality sandwiches like the Reuben — a corn beef with Swiss cheese and sauerkraut — or hot wings with your choice of bleu cheese, honey mustard or ranch for dipping.

            The dine-in and take-out establishment opens at 11 a.m. seven days a week, closing at 8 p.m. Monday through Thursday, Fridays and Saturdays at 9 p.m. and 5 p.m. on Sundays.

            Albert said Jumbo and Delicious is owned by his wife, Viola, and is the second location for the family business.

            They have been operating a Jumbo and Delicious restaurant in Hendersonville for the past five years — which was a finalist for Best Hamburger in the 2017 Sumner County Main Street Awards.

            Eventually, due to demand, Albert said they decided it was time to branch out in Greenbrier.

            He said the Hendersonville location has had a number of customers from the Greenbrier, Springfield and White House areas who have been “begging” the family to open one locally. In addition, Albert said the owners of the building where Greenbrier’s Jumbo and Delicious is now located were very helpful.

            “When you find a good spot and good people you’re dealing with, it’s a done deal,” Albert said. “I decided to open in Greenbrier.”

            And he credits the positive response locally as a “blessing.”

            Albert said each morning he begins his workday by turning his attention to his faith. When he walks into the restaurant, his first order of business is to acknowledge his Lord, Jesus Christ, and then pray a blessing over the food, he said.

            “It tastes good in your mouth cause it’s blessed food,” Albert added.

            For more information, go to www.jumboanddelicious.com





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