Five reasons you will be successful in 2017


Okay, you are going to hate this. Why? Because you already know the answer. However, have you done it?

Ask your existing clients for referrals!

Yes, it is that easy. How often do you ask your best clients for referrals? If you think that they will simply send them because you are just so awesome, you are wrong. Your clients are very, very busy people with their own problems. Sending you referrals is the last thing on their minds.

And you want to ask your best clients. My good friend, motivational speaker Tony Robbins (and by good friend, I mean I once bought a DVD set of his) says, "People hang out with two types of folks - 1) People that are like them and 2) People they want to be like."

Before you just blindly send a sad looking email template asking for referrals, consider personalizing the request. Go through your ten best clients and find something amazing you did for them, and call them (yes, call) and ask if they have anybody they know that would like the same experience.

Also, going into the future, the best time to ask for a referral, is as soon as you have delivered your product or service.

For example, if I have done a bang up job creating a whiteboard video for a financial advisor and they say, "Wow Charles, this is the greatest thing ever! Even better than the time I met your good friend Tony Robbins," I will then immediately follow up with a request for a solid referral to a financial advisor friend of theirs in another geographic market or a like-minded business, such as a CPA.

And it should go without saying, that you need fresh content to stay top of mind with your clients, so when you ask for a referral, it won't feel like it is out of the blue.

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