Sumner County Property Transfers March 16-22, 2017



John Helleman to Charles and Cynthia Ervin, 266 Cal Durham Rd, Bethpage, $380,000.

Castalian Springs

Evan and Amanda Willhite to Heather and Cathy Houdeshell, 1961 Emerald Way, Castalian Springs, $298,700.


Southeastern Building Corp to Richard and Judith Kerr, 1076 Paddock Park Circle, Gallatin, $366,025.

Charles and Brenda Carter to Dirtworkz LLC, 346 A & B Big Station Blvd, Gallatin, $360,000.

KF Land Partners to Southeastern Building Corp, 1000 Kennesaw Boulevard, Gallatin, $220,000.

NVR INC to Jimmy and Terina Curtis, 434 Goodman Drive, Gallatin, $310,112.

Lsiton and Kathleen Lamport to Lee and Denise Bridges, 1110 Leann Court, Gallatin, $237,000.

Moye & Barbara Rutledge Revocable Trust to John and Kaytlin Gregory, 988 Dobbins Pile, Gallatin, $55,900.

Roy and Joanne Bruce to Richard and Shari Pembridge, 219 Graystone Drive, Gallatin, $584,000.

Clayton Properties Group INC to Bounnhock and Sesawan Thongmanivong, 487 Ryan Avenue, Gallatin, $284,552.

Jeremy and Lori Resmer to Jennifer Slager, 1082 Savannah Avenue, Gallatin, $246,000.

Southeastern Building Corp to Lola Smith, 1082 Paddock Park Circle, Gallatin, $248,900.

Jack Rowland to Sean and Julie Forrest, 1160 Inneswood Drive, Gallatin, $368,000.

Richard and Shari Pembridge to Nell Arnold, 1316 Rivermont Drive, Gallatin, $265,000.

NVR INC to Darrell and Marie Cook, 442 Goodman Drive, Gallatin, $325,360.

Arthur and Charlotte McClellan to Barbara McDaniel, 127 Duncan St, Gallatin, $75,000.

Ballou Construction Co to Daniel and Lydia Penick, 1002 Double Tree Lane, Gallatin, $339,950.

Karen Casey to Jonathan, Jennifer Lee and Kevin, Sada Macwilliams, 1268 Lock 4 Road, Gallatin, $635,000.

NVR INC to Craig Larson, 451 Goodman Drive, Gallatin, $310,110.

Vicki Salyer to Timothy and Kathrine Hertel, 1076 Pruitt Lane, Gallatin, $281,000.

Clayton Properties Group INC to Corey Henderson, 1049 Laffite Way, Gallatin, $406 059.

Tommy and Wanda Pendleton to Jerry and Beth Blair, 825 S. Browns Lane, Unit 203, Gallatin, $235,000.

Clayton Properties Group INC to Donovan and Heather Hebert, 470 Ryan Avenue, Gallatin, $267,216.

William Puryear to John and Laura Puryear, 1490 Cherokee Road, Gallatin, $437,729.

Kathleen McCauley to John and Katie Kneale, 1266 Liberty Lane, Gallatin, $590,000.

Rick Troutt Builders LLC to Travis and Elizabeth Higgins, 109 Grandview Circle, Gallatin, $409,000.

M Forbes Todd Revocable Trust to John and Vivian Forbord, 362 Woodland Drive Gallatin, $309,900.

Oak Tree Partners LLC to Macon Bank & Trust Co, 685 Nashville Pike, Gallatin, $245,500.

Oak Tree Partners LLC to Macon Bank $ Trust, 681 Nashville Pike, Gallatin, $604,500.

George Stevens to Carl Jan & Carol Janet Hurley Revocable Trust, 395 Devon Chase Hill, Unit #4704, Gallatin, $216,000.

Angelo and Cynthia Bruno to Alexander and Lindsey Fuellgraf, 883 Douglas Bend Road, Gallatin, $305,000.

Grant and Kathrine Sketo to Marie Bassett, 116 Drayton Downs, Gallatin, $418,500.

Drees Premier Homes INC to James and Peggy Richards, 928 Vinings Blvd, Gallatin, $628,190.

Clayton Properties Group INC to Nina Powers and Cindy Seratte, 395 Devon Chase Hill, #600, Gallatin, $189,985.

Clayton Properties INC to Joshua Mirenda to Kayla Joslin, 1042 Laffite Way, Gallatin, $391,175.


Meritage Homes of Tennessee INC to Hai Nguyen and Tracy Tran, 360 Old Stone Road, Goodlettsville, $325,117.

Timothy and Hilda Hammond to Karl and Cheryl Caraveo, 338 Old Stone Road, Goodlettsville, $350,000.

Chad and Ivy Leclair to Stephan Dishman, 812 Park Drive, Goodlettsville, $340,000.

Jason Odom and Staci Campbell to Mary and Wanda Humphrey, 110 Mason Lane, Goodlettsville, $200,000.

3012 Northcreek LLC to PHDATA LLC, 3012 Business Park Circle, Goodlettsville, $1,342,500.


WC Land Investment LLC to Southeastern Building Corp, 116 Monteview Drive & 138 Burntash Lane Hendersonville, $125,000.

SS Land Investment LLC to Southeastern Building Corp, 125 & 127 Annapolis Bend Circle, Hendersonville, $85,000.

Caleb Enright to Leslie and Julian Binnion, 1009 Stafford Court, Hendersonville, $268,000.

Donald Winters to Gary and Angela Anderson, 2063 Cages Bend Rd, Hendersonville, $390,000.

Thomas and Jan Page to Jacob and Sichel Spiess, 116 Southburn Drive, Hendersonville, $185,000.

Paul and Judith Chandler to Patrick and Sonja Edwards, 101 North Shadowhaven Way, Hendersonville, $300,000.

Dalamar Homes LLC to Brian and Seana Utley, 121 Ervin Street, Hendersonville, $401,375.

Norma Finley to Solyda Oum, 200 Sanders Ferry Road, #2205, Hendersonville, $140,000.

Alice Furnish to Bryan and Alison Koenig, 108 Saddle Drive, Hendersonville, $229,500.

Michael and Lauren Claxton to Renada Nicholas, 381 N. Birchwood Drive, Hendersonville, $186,250.

Katie Wheeler to Shea and Kimberly Cowan, 1108 Centerpoint, Hendersonville, $225,000.

Jonathan and Jessica Barber to David and Anna Lee, 106 Creekglen Drive, Hendersonville, $311,000.

Justin and Patricia Orme to James Carter and Harriet Hines, 187 Gatone Dr, Hendersonville, $217,500.

John and Leann Champlin to Richard Schmus, 195 Edgewood Drive, Hendersonville, $115,000.

Drees Premier Homes INC to Anthony and Lauren Remias, 129 Ashington Circle, Hendersonville, $454,000.

Steven and Laura Johnson to Katie Wheeler, 129 Cherry Hill, #18D, Hendersonville, $110,000.

Paul and Lidia Placinta to Samuel and Lidia Iacob, 205 & 201 Highcliff Drive, Hendersonville, $53,000.

Parkside Builders LLC to Michael and Kirsten Porter, 77 Nokes Drive, Hendersonville, $291,696.

Justin Ellis to Betty Duke and Amy Guinn, 143 Coarsey Blvd, Hendersonville, $295,000.

NVR INC to Jerry and Christine Staples, 1036 Crutcher Station Drive, Hendersonville, $460,511.

Ronnie and Brenda Webb to Cuozzo Ward, 223 Gatone Drive, Hendersonville, $259,900.

Weekly Homes LLC to Michael and Lee Ryan, 205 Ashington Circle, Hendersonville, $451,739.

Donald and Sue Hamilton to 132 Donmond Drive Trust, 132 Donmond Drive, Hendersonville, $132,000.

David and Rhonda Lewiston to Gregory Butts, 113 Chippendale Drive, Hendersonville, $125,000.

Linda Kotler to Troy and Stacie Tomkins, 139 Ashland Point, Hendersonville, $512,000.

Alex and Michelle Chunchukov to Thomas and Jan Page, 114 Southburn Drive, Hendersonville, $82,040.

William and Audra Haney to Warren and Lacey David, 175 Northview Court, Hendersonville, $301,400.

Wells Fargo Bank N A to Maged Mikhail, 112 Ryan Drive, Hendersonville, $127,500.

Jeffrey Clark to Jon and Vicki Peeler, 129 Cherry Hatin Drive, #11C, Hendersonville, $117,500.

Donald and Brenda Majors to Robert and Darian Wales, 186 Berrywood Drive, Hendersonville, $259,900.

Kent and Kelly Griffin to Jason and Lauren Miglin, 113 Sagamore Trace, Hendersonville, $351,000.

Beth Stites to Henry Bean, 221 Cherry Hill Drive, Hendersonville, $259,900.

Ethel H Shaffer Estate to Robert Chamberlain and Bayleigh Sircy, 105 Agee Court, Hendersonville, $159,900.

Jerry and Christine Staples to Selina and Lisa Herceg, 106 Wynbrooke Trace, Hendersonville, $410,000.

Thomas and Denise Morris to Robert and Shaaron Williams, 130 E Ervin Drive, Hendersonville, $308,000.

Clayton Properties Group INC to Ricki and Diana Carillon, 721 Fern Hollow Road, Hendersonville, $253,285.

Donnie and Carolyn Riddle to Santo Indorato, 214 Raindrop Lane, Hendersonville, $196,900.

Meritage Homes of Tennessee INC to Chris Cunningham, 352 Cornelius Way, Hendersonville, $337,038.


Joshua and Robyn Hogan to Kimberly Lynam, 302 Sarah Lane, Portland, $164,000.

John Wilkinson to Howard and Pamela Walbrant to 165 Lear Road, Portland, $188,000.

Arlys Hull to Timothy and Leslie Taylor, 2485 Highway 52 East, Portland, $75,000.

Charles and Anna Hurt to Eldon Stinson, 104 Staggs Dr, Portland, $87,000.

Howard and Pamela Walbrant to Josiah and Kaylan Blackburn, 212 Westland Street, Portland, $148,500.

Greenspace Partners to Michael and Heide Wix, 101 Abbigael Drive, Portland, $199,900.

United States Sec of Housing & Urban to James Kirk, 117 A Point, Portland, $121,000.

Pamela Compton to Virginia Bowen, 109 Jerry Street, Portland, $110,000.

Richard and Carol Salcido to Raymond and Gail Washburn, 605 West Market Street, Portland, $114,900.

Eleanor Slucher to Dustin Russell, 798 Brandy Hollow Road, Portland, $70,000.

Selene Finance LP to Benjamin Nyswonger, 2047 Hwy 259, Portland, $51,000.

Donald and Perry Clinard to Daymon and Sharon McCray, 187 South Ray Road, Portland, $450,000.

Megan Thompson to Jack and Mary Shearon, 1357A Academy Road, Portland, $141,000.

Greenspace Partners to Nancy Edwards, 107 Carrie Mae Circle, Portland, $167,900.

Daniel and Elizabeth Rafferty to Jeremy Morris, 540 Martin Chapel Rd, Portland, $149,000.

Amburgy Properties LLC to Dimas Rodriguez, 291 Hillie Lane 291 109 N Hwy, Portland, $125,000.


Prestige Properties to Danny Kemp and Linda Graves, 2256 Lambert Drive, Westmoreland, $164,500.

White House

Thomas Mann, Sue Cole, Heather Patton to Kenneth and Amy Harper, 226 Marlin Road, White House, $105,000.

United States Sec of Housing & Urban to Ryan Hill, 200 Bedrock Drive, White House, $241,000.

CWABS INC Asset Backed Certificates to William Bradley, 116 Robert Avenue, White House, $105,000.


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