Sumner County Property Transfers May 19-25



James R Underwood Estate to Virginia Cantrell, 224 W. Hester Road, Cottontown, $127,900.

Stephen and Penne Driver to Chad and Mina Broadrick, 1028 Somerville Drive, Cottontown, $236,000.

Donald and Carol Speight to Bruce and Brandi Rang, 3675 Tyree Springs Road, Cottontown, $345,000.


Richard and Amanda Drake to James and Gwen Dowland, 1229 Plantation Blvd, Gallatin, $608,000.

Burnett Builders Inc to Tracy Mims, 1182 Long Hollow Pike L-4, Gallatin, $136,900.

Fairway Farms Development GP to NVR Inc, 411 Goodman Dr, Gallatin, $56,650.

Creekside Homes LLC to Chadick and Amanda Stults, 209 Arlington Gallatin, $379,900.

Matthew and Nicole West to Ronnie and Michell Price, 1001 Trails End, Gallatin, $304,000.

Ronald and Jessica Taylor to Kenneth Verble, 1006 Savannah Court, Gallatin, $224,900.

John and Shannon Russo to Blake Francis to Alyssa Steen, 124 Spencer Springs Drive, Gallatin, $278,900.

Sara Brown to Calvin and Beth Allen, Akers Trail, Gallatin, $80,920.

Richard and Jennifer Ray to Ronald and Susan Osmanski, 1070 Savannah Ave, Gallatin, $209,900.

Joseph Tootle to Michael and Julia Ellmore, 231 Whitestone Lane, Gallatin, $335,000.

Gail Lenick Candis Estate to Jerry Thurman, 820 Stephanie Street, Gallatin, $102,500.

Wendy Williamson to Ralph and Pamela Smits, 447 Marble Ct, Gallatin, $209,000.

Nicholas and Laura Timblein to Mohit and Jessica Jain, 1135 Pinehurst Drive, Gallatin, $211,500.

Blackman & Merryman Builders Inc to Dwight Fisher, 119 Odie Ray, Gallatin, $245,488.

James and Stacey Gilbreath to Richard and Stacie Frazier, 1041 Pittman Drive, Gallatin, $274,900.

Fairway Farms Development GP to NVR Inc, 418 Goodman Dr, Gallatin, $51,500.

Betty Hibdon to Samuel and Jessica O'Neal, 1015 Durham Drive, Gallatin, $294,000.

Nicolas Watson to Maurice and Tiffany White, 122 Creekside Court, Gallatin, $126,000.

Norma Kerbaugh to Clifton and Lisa Keathley, 395 Devon Chase Hill, # 2102, Gallatin, $189,900.

Nathaniel and Aminta Price to Richard and Rickyna Springs, 1543 Hunt Club Boulevard, Gallatin, $479,600.

Harold W Pryor Sr. Estate to Bryan Searcy and Madison McAfee, 655 Bugg Hollow Road, Gallatin, $74,500.

Ronald R Pulley Estate to Zachary and Kayla Lind, 128 Coles Ferry Road Gallatin, $129,000.

Jessica Wilmore to Jeffrey and Sheila Clark, 1400 Old Hwy 109 North, Gallatin, $207,000.

Rebecca Szalacinski to Joseph and Stacy Buzako, 2424 Cages Bend Road, Gallatin, $338,000.

Charles Gibson to Michael and Roni Richard, 1001 Douglas Place, Gallatin, $219,000.

SB Of Gallatin LLC to Parkside Builders LLC, Lots 63, 64 & 65, Saint Blaise, Gallatin, $217,500.

Rex and Natalie Chamberlain to Cheryl Groves, 326 Huntington Drive, Gallatin, $180,000.

Bradley and Elizabeth Jones to Michael and Jessica McFarland, 150 Grandview Circle, Gallatin, $341,000.

James Harrison to Benjamin Copeland, 301 Phosphate Lane, Gallatin, $188,000.

Douglas and Constance Schnitkey to David Linton and Stephany Wilkes, 142 Remington Avenue, Gallatin, $272,000.


Meritage Homes of Tennessee Inc to Sammy and Josephine Stanley, 407 Fall Creek Circle, Goodlettsville, $318,016.

Chris and Lynne Yoon to Kevin and Lori Bryant, 807 Loretta Drive, Goodlettsville, $313,000.


Dondi and Vonda Nivens to Gary and Amber Curry, 114 Waterview Drive, Hendersonville, $125,000.

Kenneth Haas Sr Trust to Daniel and Lauren Ervin, 112 Timber Hills Road, Hendersonville, $330,000.

Chris and Melissa Jaggers to Russell and Brandi Aaron, 105 Knights Bridge Station, Hendersonville, $254,000.

Alfred L Morris Estate to Kerry Wright, 224 Spring Valley Road, Hendersonville, $400,000.

Showalter Construction Inc. to Stephen Ladensack and Paula Bergon, 172 Vulco Drive, Hendersonville, $199,000.

Ray Dobson to Destiny Paul and Dobbie Aanderud, 100 Brookside Court, Hendersonville, $114,500.

Paul and Alison Muncy to Brian and Stephanie Small, 122 Glen Leven Way, Hendersonville, $521,000.

John and Cheryl Dismukes to Richard and Jennifer Ray, 111 Herman Harrison Drive, Hendersonville, $365,000.

Lifestyle Home Builders Inc to Robert and Cassandra Vaughn, 95 Plumlee Street, Unit 14, Hendersonville, $169,900.

King Griffith Holdings LLC to Dalamar Homes LLC, 164 Cobbler Circle, Hendersonville, $75,000.

Kenneth and Tara Tolbert to Joseph Raub and Jessica Johnson. 107 Fairgrove Circle, Hendersonville, $259,500.

Delta Investment Partnership to Parkside Builders LLC, 356 & 352 Lakeside Park Dr, 60 & 34 Nokes Dr, Hendersonville, $170,000.

John Sherrell to Paul Woodard, 135 LaPlaza Dr, Hendersonville, $189,900.

Jack and Norma Benz to Colleen Helm, 200 Sanders Ferry Rd, #1108, Hendersonville, $135,000.

John Hydo and Lacie Rice, 103 Moss Court, Hendersonville, $155,000.

Southeastern Building Corp to Samuel Carter, 110 Read Tavern Road, Hendersonville, $248,407.

Corey and Alix Copeland to Jacob Reynolds, 101 Evergreen Circle, Hendersonville, $130,600.

Southeastern Building Corp to Charles and Kimberly Marshall, 107 Read Tavern Road, Hendersonville, $275,797.

Brian and Cassie Lockhart to James and Lauren Jennings, 116 Crooked Creek Lane, Hendersonville, $291,000.

Russell and Tiffany Young to Kevin and Haley Herring, 1106 Vista Court, Hendersonville, $365,000.

Kevin and Haley Herring to Jonathan and Jessica Barber, 106 Creekglen Dr, Hendersonville, $300,000.

Josh Newman Ventures LLC to Robert Judkins and Jackie Parker, 105 Lake Harbor Drive, Hendersonville, $207,500.

Brian and Stephanie Small to Richard and Angela Dahlquist, 648 Bonita Parkway, Hendersonville, $390,000.

Debi Loudermilk to James and Peggy Iler, 103 Masters Way, Hendersonville, $265,000.

Henry and Karen Brown to George Boedecker, 1006 Whispering Wind Way, Hendersonville, $379,900.

Karen McCormick to Inside Out LLC, 2040 New Hope Road, Hendersonville, $160,000.

ARLP REO I LLC to Maria Dongas, 112 Pilot Knob Lane, Hendersonville, $296,034.

Eric and Mary Beasley to R.C., Deborah Wright and Bobby Bailey, 55 Blue Ridge Trace, Hendersonville, $575,000.

Rick Frazier to Stephen and Jennifer Brown, 106 Lakeside Park, Hendersonville, $195,000.

Lifestyle Home Builders Inc to Christina Robertson, 95 Plumlee #15, Hendersonville, $164,900.

Matthew and Jordan Wilson to Donald and Andrea Odum, 115 Trenton Lane, Hendersonville, $240,000.

Donald and Andrea Odum to Thomas and Heather Ayers, 110 Beaumont Drive, Hendersonville, $360,000.

Paul and April Hughey to Anita and Brooke Rives, 1023 Crimson Way, Hendersonville, $442,500.

Edward and Marion Lepley to Patrick and Janet Eisenmenger, 188 Cobbler Circle, Hendersonville, $256,000.

Dana Evans to Timothy and Sarah Loyd, 202 Sequoyah Trail, Hendersonville, $208.000.

Delta Investment Partnership to Parkside Builders LLC, 68 48 Nokes Drive, Hendersonville, $85,000.

Mihai and Florina Sferle to Christopher and Stacie Riley, 132 Captains Circle, Hendersonville, $245,000.

Toshi Hudson Estate to Winston and Beverly Keith, 102 Cranwill Drive, Hendersonville, $136,000.

William and Jeannie Grant to Michael and Tucker, 110 Natchez Drive, Hendersonville, $276,000.

Paula Armenta to Mark and Meredith Dunham, 112 Waterford Way, Hendersonville, $243,000.

Robert and Krista Moser to Paul and Kris Conner, 1052 Fulman Road, Hendersonville, $245,000.

James Smith and Cassandra Kennedy to Robert and Michelle Kraker, 111 Oak Hill Court, Hendersonville, $254,500.

Joyce McCrary to Star Homes LLC, 101 Linda Drive, Hendersonville, $130,000.

David Hohlfeld to Yovanis Molina, 102 Savely Drive, Hendersonville, $192,400.

Sean and Lindsey Donovan to Kirt and Marcia Godbey, 109 Wyncrest Ct, Hendersonville, $304,900.

James and Holly Helton to Thomas Burkett and Pennington Pribbenow, 1001 Harlequin Blvd, Hendersonville, $485,000.


Vincent and Lindsay McQuillen to Korey and Erika Heppeard, 267 Brandy Hollow Rd, Portland, $157,000.

Shelly Abbot to Chelsea Rogers 521 Martin Chapel, Road, Portland, $137,000.

Neal and Arien Yerkes to Tom and Julie Brown, 3339 Highway 259, Portland, $296,000.

Derrick Miller to Sherman Lingo, 120 Golfers Circle, Portland, $217,000.

John and Terri Graham to Corey and Christina Davis, 652 Butler Road, Portland, $150,000.

Sara Brown to Tyler Collins, Lots 2 & 3 Jackson Place, Portland, $122,000.

Wells Fargo Bank NA to Jason and Amanda Prichard, 137 North Street, Portland, $52,999.

William Bradley to Alfred and Victoria Lantini, 914 College Street, Portland, $139,900.

John and Joyce Bailey to Ken and Heather Hall, 564A Thompson Lane, Portland, $323,900.

Bobby and Barbara Simpson to Adam and Abigail Threet, 253 North Leath Road, Portland, $500,000.

Robert and Jennifer Hanson to Rachel Greenup, 155 Willdon Drive, Portland, $122,000.

Angela Johnson to Cassandra Woodward, 105 B0nnie Drive, Portland, $117,000.


Jason and Amy Hall to Robert Crook and Shana Gregory, 2016 Green Street, Westmoreland, $53,000.


Robert and Andrea Halvorson to James and Stephanie Whited, 394 Autumn Wood Dr, White House, $239,900.

Dan Connelly Construction LLC to Robin and Hydee Sircar, 253 Thoroughbred Way, White House, $265,000.

Jonathan and Ashley Scott to Vince Quillen and Mary Winters, 1021 Edwards Lane, Portland, $134,900.

Devvin and Lindsey Adcox to Carl and Rachel Reed, 1114 Stillhouse Road, White House, $175,000.

Timothy and Terri Johnson to David and Kathy Carr, 114 Topaz Court, White House, $277,000.

Dan Connelly Construction LLC to Jose Paredes, 112 Clarice Street, White House, $230,000.

Steve and Teresa Randolph to Timothy and Ashley Hudson, 201 Sheffield Drive, White House, $256,000.

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