After a petition and more than 31 public comments opposing the Anderson Hill development, BOMA unanimously turned it down. TENA LEE.

The Hendersonville Regional Planning Commission unanimously moved to recommend denial for the proposed Anderson Hill development on the north side of Anderson Lane.

A petition from surrounding neighbors and 31 public comments sent in recommended denial, along with several speakers during the public hearing.

The developer, Southeastern Building Corporation, had proposed 44 multi-family units. The neighborhoods surrounding the area are a mix of multi-family and single-family homes.

Cal Gentry, speaking for Southeastern at the meeting, said that the development would be an affordable product for empty-nesters, first-time home buyers and people who are trying to move back to Hendersonville.

“That is a market segment that’s well underserved in Hendersonville and even in the larger part of southern Sumner County,” Gentry said.

Commissioner Charles Lea said that the more affordable development may be out of place in that location.

“Maybe we’re trying to put a largemouth bass in a goldfish pond,” he said.

Citizens and commissioners voiced concerns with the site’s stormwater management plan, the traffic increase and a historic cemetery on the property.

The main entrance for the development would be on Anderson Lane. Gentry said the development could provide improvements or money for improvements on Anderson Lane to help alleviate the extra traffic in the surrounding neighborhoods.

Gentry said that the development would try to protect and clean up the historic cemetery while taking care of the graves and leaving it as a piece of the community.

Chairman David Jenkins said that Southeastern did good products but that he wasn’t ready to commit the land to multi-family residential zoning.

“I can’t say that this proposal would not have a negative affect nor could I say that it is in the overwhelming public good or welfare of the community,” Lea concluded.

The ordinance was supposed to come before the General Committee Tuesday night, but it had been taken off the agenda.