Rachel Collins - Ward 5

Rachel Collins

Rachel Collins announces her candidacy for the Ward 5 seat in Hendersonville. She is a wife, mother of two, owner of the small business Southern Hues, dedicated volunteer, and longtime resident of Sumner County.


She’s been a constant presence in the nonprofit sector of the community, working to make Hendersonville a better community to raise a family.


Some of her leadership roles include past chairman of Rock Castle, past president of the GFWC Woman’s Club of Hendersonville, and past president of the Jack Anderson Elementary School PTO.


Collins has also served on the committees for Hendersonville Horizons and Hendersonville Hometown Jam, the board of Faces of Hope, and as a troop leader for Girl Scouts.


At the urging of several local leaders, Collins decided to throw her hat in the ring and run for the office of alderman to represent Ward 5 in Hendersonville. She plans on be a healing influence after the turmoil that the BOMA, and Ward 5 in particular, has endured over the past few years.


That single thought resonates with Collins, and after thoughtful consideration with her family, she decided to accept the challenge and run to represent Ward 5.


Collins’ top priority for the city will always be public safety.


She says, “I believe that public safety is the fundamental responsibility of local officials.”


A very close second priority is infrastructure, particularly when public safety is impacted. She also wants to see the city focus on bringing the types of jobs to Hendersonville people here are already doing.


Collins plans on following through on issues directly impacting Ward 5, specifically working on the railroad underpass toward getting it constructed to eliminate the traffic nightmare currently existing at SR 386 exit 8. Her focus will also be on correcting the issue of garbage collection city-wide.


Collins also commits to only measured, smart growth that benefits the city.


Collins’s real goal is to shift the culture of BOMA to one of long-term strategic planning.


Collins says, “We should always evaluate the most likely outcomes of our decisions and proactively take steps to eliminate obstacles”.


Collins has a proven track record of accomplishing things in Hendersonville. Her values are impeccable. Her motives are pure, and her integrity is unwavering. She is well known for her impressive work ethic, which she will fully leverage to represent and advocate for the people of Ward 5.

She has been endorsed by Hendersonville’s Fraternal Order of Police, the Hendersonville Professional Firefighters Association, educators, neighbors, parents, and people just like you.

Announcement submitted by Rachel Collins.

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