A Sumner County Commissioner claims he was physically assaulted by another commissioner outside a meeting last month, according to a Gallatin Police Department Incident Report obtained by the Gallatin News.

The simple assault allegation stems from a reported confrontation that took place between 10th District Commissioner Paul Goode and 8th District Commissioner Merrol Hyde inside the Sumner County Administration Building shortly after midnight on Tuesday, June 18.

“It looks like they come kind of face to face in a hallway and it looks like Mr. Hyde appears to be upset,” Gallatin Police Chief Don Bandy said about building surveillance footage of the incident. “There is physical contact there initiated by Mr. Hyde it looks like.”

Bandy declined to discuss further details about the case including what type of contact occurred. However, he said that it did not involve a punch.

Goode, 51, waited to file a report with Gallatin police against the 74-year-old until Monday afternoon – two weeks after the initial incident, according to report.

As of Tuesday, the case was still under investigation.

Hyde, who is a past chairman of the Sumner County Commission and former superintendent of Sumner County Schools, did not responded to a request for comment Tuesday.

Since most allegations of simple assaults are private prosecution cases, Bandy said it would likely be up to Goode to decide whether he wanted to press charges.

“I don’t think it’s appropriate for me to comment about an open investigation,” Goode said via text message Tuesday when contacted by the Gallatin News.

No additional details about the incident had been released by police as of Wednesday morning.

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