The Sumner County Health Committee recently announced the recipients named to the 2020 Sumner County Health Leadership group.


Government Agency Awards:

Sumner County Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

Sumner County EMS covers approximately 543 square miles and provides emergency medical services to the 200,000 citizens and its guests. Last year alone, Sumner County EMS ran over 28,000 calls. The agency strives to provide quality care and treatment in addition to educating the public, providing medical training and certification preparation, while simultaneously serving our community during the largest pandemic in 100 years. This past year, Sumner County EMS has quickly and efficiently responded to the COVID-19 pandemic by outfitting their personnel with respirators and additional PPE needed. They also put measures in place to keep their employees and Sumner County citizens as healthy and safe as possible.

Sumner County Board of Education (BOE)

The Sumner County Board of Education has gone above and beyond the call of duty this past year for the residents of Sumner County. Since March 23, the Board of Education served food to local families in need. During the pandemic, Sumner County Board of Education quickly coordinated action teams to tackle the difficult tasks of developing communication plans, implementing state and county COVID-19 response guidance, developing strategic plans to continue education outside of the classrooms, and worked to create an action plan to return to school while providing care and support to the students, families and faculty members. The BOE continues to make phone calls, send postcards, and request School Resource Officers to visit homes in an effort to reach every student and provide needed services and support ranging from technology needs to homelessness.

Business Award:

All Sumner County Businesses

Throughout the past year, all the businesses in Sumner County have shown their support for the community by staying resilient and persevering during these uncertain times. From small clothing boutiques to the hometown diners, from local manufacturers to the corporations, Sumner County has pulled together and demonstrated what true pride and dedication looks like. While donating snacks and meals to the emergency response personnel and writing letters of encouragement, each and every business is appreciated during this trying time. The Sumner County Health Committee would like to recognize the entire business community of Sumner County as the recipient of the 2020 Community Health Leadership Awards.

Educator Award:

Shawn King

Shawn King is the physical education teacher at Lakeside Park Elementary School in Hendersonville. Not only does he run the school’s jump rope club (Lakeside Elite), he also hosts county-wide jump rope skill competitions and performs at various events. Shawn King is a Spark Star for the district, meaning that he is a point person for his fellow Physical Education teachers to contact for help and guidance with implementations of programs and curriculum. The quality that makes Shawn outstanding and unique is his growth mindset for his students. He uses his depth of knowledge of the curriculum and his experience with students to motivate and encourage everyone. We appreciate his hard work and dedication in and out of the school that he provides his students and his leadership among his peers.

Place of Worship:

Celebrate Recovery

Long Hollow Baptist Church’s Celebrate Recovery program offers support and encouragement for people experiencing “Strongholds” that prevent the individuals from living in freedom. Celebrate Recovery provides a safe place for the community to learn how to overcome and cope with life’s many challenges. One aspect of Celebrate Recovery caters to eating disorders. One of the many focuses of the Sumner County Health Committee addresses the nutritional, physical and mental concerns for the residents of Sumner County. Celebrate Recovery of Long Hollow Baptist Church is the recipient of the 2020 Sumner County Health Leadership Award for Place of Worship due to their incredible support and educational opportunities for the community.

Lifetime Achievement:

Mike Shelton

Sumner County’s Lifetime Achievement Award for 2020 is presented to Mike Shelton for his many years of service to the school system and his positive impact in the community. Mike Shelton is a retired principal and Family Center Director for Sumner County Schools. Mike’s philosophy of building trusting relationships, encouraging students to gain confidence in themselves by mastery of challenging work, and the importance of developing community ties is an overarching theme. His big heart and support for the overall mental, physical, and social health of students was evident in all his work. We truly appreciate his positive impact and leadership in Sumner County.


Individual Awards:

Kit Sinyard

Kit Sinyard plays many roles in Sumner County in promoting education, personal prevention and recovery from substance use and abuse. She is the current Executive Director for the Anti-drug Coalition and goes above and beyond her role in the community to be available to the residents of Sumner County by implementing programs to promote substance abuse awareness, providing support for recovery, and dispersing her knowledge on individuals who are struggling with substance use/abuse. She is a true champion for our children and fights for a drug free and thriving environment. Kit Sinyard is the 2020 recipient for the Individual Award for Sumner County due to her giving nature and selfless service in the community.

Susan Phillips

Susan Phillips is the Center Director at Cumberland Mental Health. She serves as a member of the Sumner County Health Committee, and the Christ Church Nashville Board of Directors. She is the past president of the Gallatin Noon Rotary. Susan is a Critical Incidents Team (CIT) trainer, a Tennessee Public Safety Network Team Member, and a Tennessee Suicide Prevention Network trainer. Susan was most recently involved in securing the U.S. Department of Justice and Mental Health Collaboration Program Grant for our county. This grant is designed for local law enforcement, community behavioral health providers, and other community partners to work in collaboration to build and strengthen partnerships to enhance public safety and behavioral health service delivery. Sumner County is thrilled to announce Susan Phillips as one of our Individual Awards for the 2020 Health Leadership Awards for her ability to work with the community as a strong team player and to put forth the effort in order to make Sumner County thrive to be the best community it can be.

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