Woman found guilty for sexual relationship with teen daughter’s boyfriend

Jamie Tice tells family members she loves them after being found guilty of five statutory rape charges last week in Sumner County Criminal Court. TENA LEE 

A Hendersonville woman accused of having a 10-month sexual relationship with her teenage daughter’s boyfriend was found guilty by a jury of her peers on Feb. 14.

Jamie Tice, 38, was charged in November of 2017 with five counts of statutory rape by an authority figure after a friend revealed that Tice told her she was having an “affair” with a 15-year-old boy.

Officials at Metro General Baptist Church in Goodlettsville, where both the boy and Tice attended, notified authorities. The mother of six pleaded not guilty to the charges.

During a two-day trial in Sumner County Criminal Court last week, a jury of six men and six women heard testimony from the victim, who is now 17, as well as Tice herself. Both stated that a sexual relationship started in December of 2016 when the boy was 14-years-old, and continued until October of 2017.

The victim estimated the two had 40 to 50 sexual encounters while Tice said there were more like 20.

“He said that after the first couple of times, yes, he was a willing participant, but the age of consent is 18 in Tennessee and she knew that,” said Sumner County Assistant District Attorney Ron Blanton.

But while the boy testified that the relationship had become consensual, Tice claimed that the boy forced himself on her during the first encounter and that he coerced her into having sex with him each subsequent time by threatening to tell her husband and daughter.

“He would go back and forth between these personalities and it was a daily thing,” Tice tearfully told jurors.

“I was caught between the worst rock and hard place in my entire life,” she said. “I never, not one time made an advance at [him].”

However, Tice’s testimony seemed to contradict audio recordings heard a day earlier by jurors in which she admitted to the relationship and that it was consensual. 

“It’s a very unusual case where you have a lady who has relations with her daughter’s boyfriend,” said Blanton after the trial. “He was 14-years-old when this started. The act itself is not unusual but the fact of … she knowing that her daughter was dating this guy.”

Tice’s daughter testified on her mother’s behalf. She said that she and the boy attended the same school – Metro Christian Academy - and dated for about a year-and-a-half beginning in August of 2016.

She said she and her mother would often give the boy a ride home from school. They also attended social functions together with the church’s youth group.

Testimony for the prosecution included that of Wendy Mallard, the friend who Tice told of the relationship, the boy’s guardians, a church youth worker and a pastor at the church.

Jury members deliberated for a little more than four hours before finding Tice guilty of two counts of statutory rape by an authority figure and three counts of aggravated statutory rape.

Criminal Court Judge Dee David Gay immediately revoked her bond and ordered her to undergo a psychosexual evaluation. She was immediately taken into custody and is required to register as a sex offender from jail.

The mother of six will be sentenced on March 22. Statutory rape by an authority figure carries an eight- to-12-year prison sentence while aggravated statutory rape carries a two-to-four-year sentence.

Tice is also charged with two counts of statutory rape by an authority figure in Metro Nashville/Davidson County involving the same victim.

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