Craig Garton

Craig Garton

After serving my country, I came home to heal. Now I believe it is time for me to give back by serving my community the best way I know how, as an alderman.

Nothing has more of a direct impact on citizens than local government. My ambition is not to govern over the people of this great City but to serve them. In my eyes, that is how it is supposed to be.

Personality politics is ruling our great City, and it is time we as a citizenry take it back. As alderman, I answer to the people and not govern based on who I may or may not get along with. I will give umost respect to my peers on the board and the mayor, no matter who they shall be.

Term Limits

I’m a firm believer in term limits. The responsibility of serving our community should be shared, and only ego would prevent it.

Residential Development/Infrastructure

Flooding, paving, and a railroad tunnel are not luxury items on a wish list. They are the responsibility of our City government. We are grossly falling behind in these responsibilities. Adding to the list is not the answer either. Until our streets are paved and our first responders are not stretched to the limit, we should put a hold on new residential development. Smart, purposeful growth.

City Administrator

Another level of government is not the answer. The president of the United States is not elected, then the senate hire a country administrator. The president runs the country. The same goes for the mayor who is the city’s choice to run the city by democratic means of an election. If the mayor wants to hire a chief of staff to handle the administration, I will support that decision. That being said, I will work with whomever the board chooses in this position.

Public Safety

Police and fire are vital to the health and well being of our great City. They deserve our full support. By support, I mean funding as well. We charge them to protect us and risk their lives; the least we should do is equip them for the job. We are in strange times when everyone does not support the police. As alderman, I will help ensure that our city always backs the blue.

Endorsed by The Republican Party

“Craig Garton is a man of godly character, integrity and faithfulness.  His commitment to the people's work is always above and beyond.  Just look at his time as a leader of the Sumner County Republican Party. Join me in supporting Craig Garton for alderman of Ward 5.  -Ward 5 Alderman Darrell Woodcock

I served our country honorably, and I now ask for your support in allowing me to serve our great city as your next alderman for Ward 5.

Announcement submitted by Craig Garton, disabled, retired United States Navy.

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