Jim Waters

Jim Waters

I've been fortunate and it’s been my pleasure to serve the most wonderful constituents in our city.

During these years, I have work tirelessly for road paving at Wessington Place, Old Shackle Island, Southburn Drive, Glenbrook Way, and Drakes Creek Road, as well as improving the condition at the Stop 30 and Drakes Creek intersection.

I am proud to have supported our storm water utility project. Once it was approved by our Board of Mayor and Alderman, it allowed me the opportunity to reach out and assist my Ward 6 neighborhood drainage problems.

When any of my constituents have had problems with flooding or drainage, I've 

done my best to meet with them and try to fix the problem. I have always made it my priority when I receive a complaint from one of constituents, I meet and observe the situation before notifying the proper department.

I worked hard and was the only Ward 6 Alderman that stood up and voted against the Glenbrook Development expansion that would have added 297 residential units to this location - putting even more stress on an already unprepared infrastructure. 

I will continue to work to restore accountability and respect to our administration. Too many times our board has silenced the voices of our voters in Hendersonville and that makes it impossible for residents to have a vote on important issues like "term limits" for members on the board.

To me, this is unfair because the alderman seat on the board belongs to the people, not those sitting in the seat. Another issue which I voted against was the hiring of a city administrator. I understand this position is in our city charter, but again when it allows the members of the board to make this decision, it takes away the voice of the people and it causes the board to reallocate money from other funds to fund this position. 

My opinion, too often some of the members on the board forget that we are here to serve at the pleasure of the people and when decisions are made, we need to listen and respect our citizens’ wishes. Hendersonville is growing, we are not the small community by the lake any more. I say this out of my appreciation for our men/women in blue. Our city is growing, but our police department is still undermanned by some 20-25 officers. This must change.

I have enjoyed my time serving as Ward 6 Alderman and would like to serve one final term. Since I am for "term limits" for aldermen, this will be my last term to serve the wonderful people of Ward 6 and Hendersonville. I have and will continue to be a full- time alderman, carrying out the wishes of the people and I am asking for your support and your vote this Nov.3.

Article submitted by Jim Waters.

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