It is a mission for promoting health and fitness that has driven Hendersonville residents and fitness enthusiasts Andrew Rhea, 45, and Garrett Baumbalough, 39, to bring to the area, KalQlate, an advanced science-driven approach to working out for health and fitness.

“If you can find just 30 minutes a week to work out, it will substantially enhance your life,” said Rhea, father of five. “And to get this without having to drive to Nashville, that is a big plus.”

Baumbalough echoed his business partner’s perspective and mission. 

“I want to make Sumner County a healthier place,” said Baumbalough, father of two. 

What distinguishes KalQlate is its approach to working out and getting impressive, encouraging results in a timely fashion without the drudgery.

“We’re doing real science, and we’re teaching you that you don’t have to work out five days a week to achieve results, especially with the equipment that we have,” Rhea said, adding the Q is KalQlate stands for quick, quality and quantifiable.

He said that the equipment engages adaptive resistance technology for a full workout that generates results in 20-30 minutes.

“It’s using compound movements to give the effect of working several muscles at one time,” he said. “It has a lot of emphasis on your concentric motion which is your positive motion, but it’s also pushing hard back against you for your eccentric motion. 

“What you are getting is closer to 100 percent muscle recruitment. It’s impossible for this to happen when somebody is lifting weights because you’re working with and against gravity at this point. If someone can just find 30 minutes in a week to come here, it will enhance their life.”

Rhea emphasized that once a week will even make a huge difference, without having to push, strain and stress several times a week at a typical fitness facility or gym.

“When doing weights you’re only gonna pick up what you can pull,” he said. “What our focus is when you’re working out catabolic, you’re tearing the muscle down. We’re trying to get people through that process quickly and get them to a place where they can start recovering where their system becomes more anabolic at that point.”

Rhea pointed out that workouts at KalQlate are also effective for older individuals and people who are going through therapy. 

“The reason why is because there are no weights associated with the machines,” he said. “It’s all controlled by a motor and a computer. So, there’s no jerking motions. Everything is within a safe range. We don’t ever put anybody in a range where they’re overextending, coming down too far. We never teach lockouts. We especially don’t ever want to do that on these machines because they’re motor controlled. 

“So, by the controller we are able to set their range of motion, and as we’ve learned, the best range of motion is middle ground anyway, so we’re literally burning out the muscle much quicker that way. For the most part, they are not resting, but we can set it to rest as part of their set.” 

Both partners emphasized that the workout is the same no matter who you are, whether you have 20 years of working out or it’s your first time.  

“It will always be you vs. you,” said Rhea. “So, no matter what weight you are pushing, the machine knows it.  So you’re always working to compete against yourself. Next time you come in, the machine will know what force and what weight you were able to push against it.  It will show you a graph of what your results were. Then, it will overlay the previous workout for the new workout, so you can try to achieve new standards.”

He emphasized the point that everything a workout engages is quantifiable to keep people on track for success meeting goals and pressing on, and added that the ARX and Alpha can be programmed to perform a host of many exercises.

“Our Aero bikes work in a similar fashion in terms of science,” Rhea said. “They were initially created and marketed in Great Britain. When they came to the states, they went to ACE #1 fitness group for certifying personal trainers as a third-party study that backed up the science.  You can get the equivalent of a 60-minute workout in just 10 minutes on this bike.”

In addition to the Aero bikes, KalQlate offers workouts on the Alpha machine, which is sled driven, and works with compound movements that include a triceps overhead press. The machine is sled-driven while the ARX machine, next to the Alpha is cable-driven.

“These machines know your range of motion once you’ve come in first, it is set up,” he said. “You set your position, and it walks you through.”

Other features of KalQlate includes a space for Red Light Therapy.

“It’s good for the body, breaks muscle down and gets you ready for recovery,” Rhea said. “Supplied by Joovv, it helps systems in the body to respond and recover.”

There is also an infrared sauna that can accommodate three people at one time, offering various sound chromo and vibration therapies. 

CalQlate has a massage chair, treadmills, and they also offer meal plans to help optimize health and fitness.

Both partners agree that the biggest hurdle for many to overcome is to get past the preconceived notion that more is better or best.

“You can get a full body workout here in 30 minutes and be done for the week,” said Baumbalough.

Garrett noted that infrared can burn up to 600 calories in a 60-second session.

Both Rhea and Baumbalough reiterated that the process of bio-hacking is what helps with focusing and getting results in a timely fashion because the technology is personalized to your body, and tailored to you as an individual on a cellular level.  

“It gets a read on you as an individual and remembers it, using it as a point of reference for your progress,” said Rhea.

Both Rhea and Baumbalough were further prompted to get KalQlate up and running due to the loss of loved ones, with Rhea recently losing his father and Baumbalough losing his mother.

They agreed that they both want people to be their best and use that for a full life to encourage others to be active, healthy and positive.

“We’re still looking for more opportunities to serve,” said Baumbalough.

KalQlate is located at 760 East Main Street, Suite 2 in Hendersonville, Tenn. off of Sandersville Road, right behind Hendersonville Produce. 

Hours of operation are Monday-Friday from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m., on Saturday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. and on Sunday from 1 to 5 p.m. For more information, call 615-431-0625.

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