Hendersonville Mayor Jamie Clary and former Chamber of Commerce CEO Brenda Payne appear to be neck and neck in their fundraising efforts with the city’s Nov. 3 mayoral election nine months away. 

However, according to recent campaign financial disclosure statements, Payne raised more than twice as much as the incumbent mayor in the most recent reporting period.

According to disclosure statements for the July 1, 2019-Jan. 15, 2020 reporting period, Clary, who is seeking his second term, has an on-hand balance of $53,408 while Payne’s coffers show a current balance of $48,500. 

Clary started the reporting period with an on-hand balance of $29,332 – an amount that included a $15,000 self-contribution – while Payne started the current reporting period with $4,550.

Although the former chamber leader appointed a campaign treasurer in early 2019, she didn’t officially kick off her mayoral campaign until October. Clary has yet to formally announce his re-election bid. 

Documents show Payne raised $61,156 in the most recent reporting period. That includes $6,435 in contributions of $100 or less and $54,721 in itemized contributions of more than $100. 

Notable contributors to Payne’s campaign include Attorney David Kimbrough who ran against Clary in 2016 ($1,000); District 1 School Board member Tammy Hayes ($1,000); Ward 4 Alderman Andy Bolt ($1,000); and former Ward 4 alderman Don Ames ($500). 

Those who have contributed $1,000 or more to Payne’s campaign this reporting period include Gaskin Brothers Inc. ($1,000); Regina Bartlett ($1,000); Wallace Custom Builders ($1,000); McCarroll Company, Inc. ($1,000); Cruisinsports, Inc. ($1,000); Pioneer Coach, Inc. ($1,000); International Consortium ($1,000); Sumner Roofing and Exteriors ($1,000); Michael Bair of Gallatin ($1,000); Mary Tabor ($1,600); Baron Lowe ($1,000); Regina Scott ($1,000); Frances Marcou ($1,000); Thomas Haygood ($1,000); Jim Harrison, Jr., ($1,000); Barry Lee ($1,000); Michael Gaughan ($1,000); Luther McDaniel ($1,000); Rhonda Holt ($1,000); Terry Calonge ($1,000); Robert Klein ($1,000); Barbara McGinnis ($1,000); Michael Isaacson ($1,500); Katherine Isaacson ($1,500); Jennifer Finlin ($1,000); Leisa Byars ($1,000); Jalene Brown ($1,500); Tom Tucker ($1,500); Donald Claussen ($1,000); Fred Culbreath ($1,600); Don Bruce ($1,000); and Glynn Young ($1,000).

Documents show Clary raised $24,175 for the same reporting period. The donations included $14,800 in itemized contributions of more than $100, and $9,375 in contributions of $100 or less. 

Notable contributors to Clary’s campaign include former U.S. Congresswoman Diane Black and husband David who contributed $1,000. Others who contributed $1,000 or more to Clary’s campaign this reporting period include former State Rep. Randy Stamps and his wife Cindy ($1,500); Fred and Anna Culbreath ($2,000); Steve and Marilyn Elbert ($1,500) and Jane Hamm ($1,000). 

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