Kayce Smith

Kayce Smith

I am Kayce Johnson Smith and I want to represent Ward 1 as


Hendersonville is my hometown and I have lived here a combined 30 years since 1977. I attended Walton Ferry Elementary, Hawkins Middle, and Hendersonville High Schools. After graduating from the University of Memphis, I returned to begin a promising career in Marketing.

While I left the area for a short time, I returned to what will always be my hometown in 2014.

After hiking the Appalachian Trail together in 2016, Larran Smith and I

returned, got married and purchased my grandparent’s house, making it

our forever home in 2017. As I settled back into our community, I began

to pay closer attention to our shared points of pride and our universal


I got involved when plans for an asphalt plant were introduced

in Davidson County on the edge of Old Hickory Lake that has had direct

and devastating effects on the homes and environment in Ward 1.

Preserving the safety, security, and quality of life for all our neighbors

will be my primary focus. I am eager to champion the priorities of the

residents in Ward 1 through attentiveness and dedicated service to their


I was raised in our community to understand the importance of being

active in civic life. I value teamwork and believe when we combine our

strengths and talents, great things get done. My experiences and the

people I have been privileged to work with and learn from have

prepared me to serve the people of Hendersonville.

I have achieved executive success as a director of marketing for a multimillion-dollar company, and independently as a small business owner and consultant.

Years ago, I decided to follow my heart and utilize my abilities to help

others. I was recruited because of my strong values and principles to

practice disability law and now work as an accredited legal advocate by

the Social Security Administration. I believe my competency and

compassion will benefit residents and the city.

As I listen to my neighbors, I hear the same stories time and again. We

know the urgent need for road improvements, sidewalks, bike lanes, and

mitigation for stormwater runoff and pooling. Many have been

burdened by the recent tax increases, changes in our waste management

services for both household garbage collection and landscape debris, and

the loss of recycling opportunities.

It is vital to tackle these public works projects and residential services and to implement solutions that ensure safety and protect our investments. It is also critical to create a balanced budget which does not increase the city’s debt or add further financial burden to residents.

I aspire to an exceptional level of communication. I will conduct

thorough analysis when issues and opportunities arise and provide rapid

response to my constituents. I will bring balanced consideration for new

development and investment in our established residential and

commercial areas.

I will advocate for what is best for our future while working within our means and seeking solutions outside the box. I am committed to improving life and adding value for Hendersonville residents and businesses by collaborating with colleagues to achieve our collective goals.

I will remain focused on the long-term interests of Ward 1 as we move forward together, with a new voice and a fresh approach.

As we continue these conversations and move to make progress for the

betterment of our community, I would be honored to gain your

confidence, your vote, and your support in serving as your alderman for

Ward 1.

Announcement submitted by Kayce Smith.

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