DECA is a national career and technical education club that prepares and educates students in topics such as entrepreneurship, marketing, hospitality and finance. Station Camp DECA has a lot of fun projects going on inside its chapter in the 2019-2020 school year. 

Kaitlyn Moore and Shannon Long are competing as juniors in the new Career Development Project category. Their project is all about teaching soft skills to students in our high school as well as the community. 

They have noticed that students are lacking in skills such as public speaking, addressing letters, phone call etiquette, and more. In an effort to prepare students for the real world they are giving presentations to classes and inviting guest speakers to educate SCHS students about entrepreneurship. Their presentations include games and a PowerPoint to teach basic marketing and communication skills. 

Our Community Awareness Project is partnering with Circe M Therapeutic farm to bring awareness to the farm to help more veterans and children. 

Circle M Therapeutic farms is dedicated to improving the lives of children, adults, and military families with physical, intellectual, and emotional disabilities through the power of Animal-Assisted Therapy, outdoor sports, and agricultural-based enrichment and educational programs. 

To help them gain awareness Neeli McEwen, Brooklyn Rippy, and Abigail Rollins are redesigning their website, creating an ad campaign, and attending and hosting events. They will set up informational booths at our local farmer’s market and our school's homecoming parade, as well as SCHS DECA’s first annual Camp Fest. 

Lastly, our Community Giving Project is partnering with a local coffee shop, Stompin’ Grounds, that raises money for The Mission orphanage. Meghan Abbott and Payton Buzako are shaving teacher’s heads, hosting social events, as well as selling bunt cakes, t-shirts and crewnecks to raise money for the orphanage. 

The Mission orphanage is located in Baja, Mexico and it is a special need orphanage. The money Meghan and Payton raise will help the orphanage be able to repair the roof, get a new water heater, buy a new van for transportation, and buy clothes for the children.

Hannah Sutt is a SCHS student and vice president of public relations for the Station Camp High DECA chapter.

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