Christin Lee

Christin Lee

Christin Daisy Lee, a graduate from Beech High School had perfect attendance from Kindergarten to her senior year. 

When Christin was in 1st or 2nd grade, she told her parents that her goal was to not miss a day of school. It was definitely a hard goal to keep. 

Perfect attendance means not signing out early or coming in late. Christin had to stay at school when others would sign out on exam days or other special days that they were able to sign out. 

Believe it or not, she really did not get sick. She may have had sniffles and a cold, but never went to school with a fever. 

When we were called out of school for the pandemic, she knew that she had made her goal. Obviously, all of our seniors lost out on the greatest part of their senior year, the last part. 

This was the time to go to prom, go to their competitions, (Deca, FFA, etc.) get exempt from exams, senior breakfast, walking the halls for the last time, saying good bye to their teachers and their friends. 

The only reward you receive for not missing a day of school is to be announced in front of your peers and family. With all the uncertainty that was going on about graduation, Christin did not expect to hear anything more about her accomplishment. 

Principal Kenneth Powell did an amazing job recognizing students who had major accomplishments. Christin was recognized and it was a moment that she will always remember. 

Here is to our class of 2020 and to all those who never missed a day of school, way to go!

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