Jamie Clary (2)

Jamie Clary

Mayor Jamie Clary will host a town hall meeting on Sept. 16 at Gene Brown Elementary School at 7 p.m. to focus on recycling.

For nearly 20 months the city has operated a pilot recycling program in six neighborhoods. Using an outside vendor, the city contracted for bins of recyclables to be picked up at people's homes and taken into the recycling stream.

The objective of the pilot program was developing data for possibly a larger recycling program.

The program generated more than 230 tons of recyclables during the 20 months; material that did not go to a landfill. The city pays for landfill space at a rate of $45 per ton.

The diverted material, over 20 months, saved the city just over $10,000 in landfill costs. The cost to have the recyclables picked up was $4,900 per month, or approximately $98,000.

The city did not receive any money from the resale of the recyclable material and two months ago the city sought bids for expanding the program beyond the six neighborhoods.

Green Village, WastePro and Republic Services submitted bids for service for once-per-month curb-side, twice-per-month curb-side, and an opt-in program. Bids were also sought to operate a staffed, drop-off facility. No company submitted bids for that.

The bids for twice-per-week curbside service ranged from $1.6 million to $1.9 million per year. The bids for once-per-week service were between $1.2 million and $1.4 million per year. 

The opt-in program would encourage residents to pay directly to a vendor for recyclables to be picked up at their houses. Those bids were based on how many homes participate.

Clary will present additional information about the recycling program, the city’s long-term trash outlook and programs in other cities. The presentation will be followed by questions and comments.

The mayor is asking people planning to attend to recycle used board games by bringing them to the meeting for the school’s teachers to keep. They will be used for indoor recess during the school year.

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