Mark Skidmore- Ward 1

Mark Skidmore

Hendersonville’s traffic light synchronization program which started over eight years ago is set to overcome its final hurdle.

Several months ago, the Tennessee Department of Transportation told the City that they needed more information on equipment that appeared to be outside the City right-of-way in the submitted plans. Equipment must be inside the City right-of-way in order to be improved with federal money, which is being used for this project.

The project will connect the majority of Hendersonville traffic lights through fiber optics so that someone at City Hall can control the signal, said Marshall Boyd, public works director.

The synchronization will not stop all traffic problems, but it will improve the flow of traffic, he said.

Mark Skidmore, Ward 1 alderman, said that there is no holdup from the City on the project. They have already bought the computer system and prepared a room at City Hall.

The City has determined through an additional survey that only one location TDOT flagged was outside City right-of-way. Marshall Boyd, public works director, suggested that the City use its own money to improve that equipment rather than going through the process of acquiring the right-of-way in that area.

After the TDOT signs off on the approved plans, the City will be given approval to bid the job out.

Boyd said in a Public Works Committee meeting that he hoped the City would be able to bid the job out in six months.

Skidmore said he believed the job would be completed next summer or fall. Boyd said that he thought that after the job was bid early next year, it could be done by the end of 2021.

Ward 4 Alderman Eddie Roberson said that Hendersonville citizens are “disgusted” with how long the project is taking and that they don’t understand how the process relies on the state.

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