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I am shocked and stunned by the complete removal of the wildlife habitat on my property that was committed by Hendersonville Public Works contractors this week.

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It looks like we are going to have a hot week in Middle Tennessee with high temperatures in the 90s and the nights in the low 70s.

It’s been 99 years since women in the U.S. first gained the right to vote — a milestone commemorated each year with Women’s Equality Day on Aug. 26.

As suicide and attempted suicide continue to dominate discussions and topics related to the health care of young people, this demographics’ reliance and use of social media gets much of the blame.

Next year, we will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th amendment to the Constitution of the United States, which gave millions of women access to the ballot box. In fact, it was House Republican Harry Burn — then a 24-year-old — who cast the tie-breaking vote as p…

After the lovely Labor Day weekend, there will be a slight chance of an afternoon thundershower by the middle of the week because of the heat and increasing humidity.  

Editor’s note: The Tennessee Press Association is celebrating its 150th year by creating a series of essays recalling historic events that have taken place in Tennessee and looking at how newspapers played a role in reporting, supporting, or influencing such events. This feature is the fi rst …

Whenever something bad happens such as gun violence, the cry goes out for the government to do something.  The truth is people always look in all the wrong places for answers. Many people will say it's "the system."

We are into a period of unsettled weather in Middle Tennessee. Showers and thunderstorms are quite likely through Tuesday. Many of these will produce heavy downpours and cloud-to-ground lightning.

The week ahead is going to bring an increase in the showers and thunderstorms to Middle Tennessee. Probabilities increase to 50 percent Wednesday and 70 percent Thursday and Friday and I would expect some of those to be storms with heavy downpours.  

This year, my colleagues and I strongly supported our farmers and agriculture industry professionals through innovation and education, as well as through tax cuts and additional measures.

Expect hot and humid weather Tuesday with high temperatures in the low to mid-90s and scattered thunderstorms will be possible. Storms early in the week could be heavy because they will be powered by the hot and humid conditions.

I worked for SERVPRO in their corporate office from 2002-2007 because it’s some sort of requirement for Sumner County residents…or at least that’s what they told me when I moved here years ago.

I don't know where to start when you talk about Mr. (Merrol) Hyde. Those who really know me will tell you I'm not a big fan of Beech High School. When Beech first opened in 1980 there wasn't but a handful of Black students or Black athletes from that area.

The news media seems to always report racial division amongst the American people. It appears to be instigated by anti-America groups whose agenda is to tear apart this nation.