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Jennifer Perry with Kevin Jones, owner of I-40 Structural Drying Academy & Consulting. SUBMITTED

Kevin has been a fixture of Hendersonville for the past several years, very active as a Board Member on the Hendersonville Chamber of Commerce and well-known around town. He even started the noted business networking group Business Network International (BNI), “Give. Gain. Grow!” Chapter.

At the core of everything Kevin does is a great desire to help people. Born and raised in Washington, North Carolina (near Greenville), Kevin graduated high school and was off to Atlantic Christian College (now Barton College) to study Religion and Philosophy. His intention was to be a minister and teach biblical languages. After graduating from Barton, Kevin found a church in Oriental, North Carolina at which to minister.

When it was time to move on from ministry, Kevin pursued another opportunity he’d always dreamed of: law enforcement. Kevin finished police academy training and worked for 10.5 years with the Greenville, North Carolina Police Department. As we were talking in the crowded coffee shop, Kevin’s face visibly softened as he recounted memories and told stories of sitting on people’s front porches, just getting to know them. The most important thing to him was his community. Kevin became known to the locals because he was such a good listener. It also helped him progress into other areas of interest such as special investigations, drug units and the detective division.

While serving as a police officer, Kevin founded the Greenville lodge of the Fraternal Order of Police and served as President of the organization. “When you’re there and you see a need, you just do it!” said Kevin. Although he said this in a very cavalier way, I don’t think he gives himself near enough credit. Because most people don’t “just do it.”

As with his ministry, Kevin knew when it was time to give up his life as a law enforcement officer. He and his wife opened a cleaning company that turned into a restoration company, out of necessity and demand. The company experienced a good amount of success and he was able to sell it in 2008 before moving to Gallatin to work for ServPro headquarters doing training classes.

Never one to sit still, Kevin has dabbled on the side in real estate, ministry, and even farming in the last several years. But he recently returned to what he knows best and started up I-40 Structural Drying Academy & Consulting. After all, he brings more than twenty years of experience to the table!

Kevin teaches courses on restoration and his target customers are structural drying companies or restoration companies who need certifications to do business. There may be announcements coming soon about him teaching classes at a well-known restoration technical institute.

If he could give the public one piece of advice as an expert in his field, it’s to sit down and take a look at your insurance policy with your agent. He says that most people are underinsured in one area or another. And unfortunately, we don’t find out until it’s too late! If you have a dispute with a restoration or insurance company, he’d be a great resource for you. He can be reached at (615) 500-1149 or

Kevin, our cup of coffee was long overdue and I appreciate you sitting down with me. Thanks for being one of my 100 Cups of Coffee!

Jennifer Perry is mom, wife, and an active member of the community that enjoys networking and giving back whenever possible. Reach her at

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