Allison Lanquist

Jennifer Perry and Allison Lanquist

I got an opportunity this week to sit down for coffee with Allison Lanquist, owner of Music City Kids Club. Music City Kids Club is a drop-in style childcare center in Hendersonville. I have to admit...I had no idea what drop-in childcare looked like and probably would have never dreamed of using it. I’m one of those moms that interviewed three pediatricians before I would even let them see my babies at the hospital.

But one day, I found myself stuck between a rock and a hard place—our new school’s aftercare program wasn’t open, our normal high schooler babysitter was in school that day, and we don’t have family within an hour or so of us that can watch the kids at the drop of a hat. So reluctantly, I dropped them off and hoped for the best.

At the end of that day when I picked them up, both kids were crying. But they weren’t crying because of something that happened while there—they were crying because I had shown up and they didn’t want to leave! For weeks—months even—after that, they’d ask me when they could go back.

Allison is an entrepreneur who has historically been in residential remodel and construction, which is her passion. She and her husband have built a successful business flipping homes and are currently developing a high end 13-home residential subdivision in Old Hickory.

But as with any true entrepreneur, she identifies needs in her own life and tries to think of businesses that create a solution. In the case of Music City Kids Club, it was a babysitter that cancelled on her at the last minute and cost her $300 in wasted concert tickets. She’s a smart cookie that seems to have a knack not only for the analytical aspects of business, but also a creative thinker that is constantly coming up with new ideas. And she’s honestly just a lot of fun to be around.

As with most businesses during the pandemic, Allison has had to change the way she does business over the last year. Her locale in a strip mall off Indian Lake Boulevard has always been immaculately clean, but she laughs and says that now, they stock up on Lysol whenever they see it somewhere. She also had to close for a few months last year and has struggled to keep staffing at adequate levels when different employees have to be out due to testing or their family being sick. She is taking every precaution possible and takes pride in the fact that they have not had even one instance of a positive COVID test.

Next time you’re in a bind or want a date night, make sure to check out Music City Kids Club. It’s a safe, clean space that serves as an affordable alternative to other types of care. Thanks for making time to have coffee with me, Allison-I look forward to many more!

Jennifer Perry is a wife and mother who lives in Hendersonville.

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