Jeremy Mansfield

Jeremy Mansfield

Sir Winston Churchill defined the ultimate clash of civilizations as between "the governments that are owned by their people, and the governments that own their people."

It is the opinion of many concerned about the erosion of civil liberties, representative governments, and private property ownership that we should stop regional plans. Plans where government agencies "own their people." 

Regionalization is the stepping stone to globalization, and globalization is the standardization of all systems. That includes water, law enforcement, education, energy, etc. All systems have to be brought into "harmony" to control them all. When systems aren't in sync or "balanced," they cannot be controlled "centrally."

Consequently, one of the goals of regionalization is to move people out of the rural areas and into the large cities (or PUDS) to minimize representative governments and shift focus to un-elected city administrators, boards, commissions, or committees that are easily controlled, which is what heavily regulated documents, like our newly adopted county zoning resolution, all around the State of Tennessee lay the foundation for.

People choose the places they will live because they will dictate the type of life they will have. If your land use can be severely restricted, how you live your life can be as well.

Applying the sentiments of Sir Winston Churchill to regionalization, it is a clash of civilizations. It is the determination of whether we will determine our destiny, or if every significant decision in our lives will be made for us by the government.

Recently, I've seen memes and merchandise that say, "Don't California my Tennessee." The implication is, don't bring destructive or oppressive policies here that you implemented in your place of origin that you are now trying to escape. I think the same could be said for Sumner County on the local level.

As Sumner County residents, our goal should not be to look like Nashville or any other city or county. As Sumner County residents, we should not aspire to be the "North Shore of Nashville," as promoted by the county.

Local citizens should make local decisions for local communities. Not the other way around. What’s good for one city or one county is not necessarily what’s good for all. Let’s focus on keeping Sumner County grounded in its roots and what’s best for Sumner County. 

Don’t Nashville my Sumner County.

Jeremy Mansfield is a county commissioner who represents District 11.

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