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The Hendersonville Area Chamber of Commerce wants to thank everyone who attended the 16th annual Freedom Fest on July 3. Presented by Re/Max Choice Properties, this event is an area favorite with fireworks sponsored by the City of Hendersonville Parks Department. 

With our current recycling plan, the residences of Hendersonville are forced to drive over 20 minutes to the nearest recycling drive in Gallatin - if dedicated enough to make the commitment.

When a lie is repeated over and over, many simply begin believing it - for instance, the alleged "wall of separation between church and state."

In 2013, I hired Mr. Allman to represent me in legal action against my former employer. For the next four years, he led me to believe that my suit was filed and pending. He gave me lies, excuses and bogus follow-ups.

I'm shocked that vote-suppressing legislature has advanced in our state government. This is a clear violation of basic voting rights in our state and an attempt to suppress the vote in favor of a particular political party.

Mr. Allman and his attorneys continue to attempt to cherry pick the facts to fit into his skewed version of reality. As Mr. Allman's largest victim, I can tell you there is no innocence in this story. Three years later he has not returned one cent of the $230,000 he took from my family. 

I greatly appreciate the coverage that the Hendersonville Standard has given to the story of Mr. Andy Allman and the fact that both sides have been represented.  It is the responsibility of the news to do just that.  

Tuesday, April 2, I attended the meeting of the City of Hendersonville Planning Commission.  I have been a public servant myself, having worked at the United States Mission to the United Nations in the Protocol and Public Affairs offices, the State of Tennessee for DHS Child Protective Servi…

In the April 4 edition, Whitney Conviser's letter was titled "Does the minority rule?" The answer is an obvious yes.

When a small group of people don’t like something like the Ten Commandments on government property, they have a rally against it by saying it goes against their beliefs.

Imagine what future archeologists would learn about our society from the past 100 years. Instead of finding clay pottery, bones and beads, future excavations of our garbage dumps and landfills will reveal a shocking volume of plastic, metals, electronics, glass and more.  The amount of toxic…

America is getting more polarized politically. Young people, minorities, and city dwellers have joined the blue team. They jump at every opportunity to point out the president’s stupidity, reflexively accept any allegation they hear from MSNBC about Russian collusion, and dismiss people who …

In September of 1620, the Pilgrims set sail from Plymouth, England, in a ship named the Mayflower. They made it to Cape Cod in late December of 1620. Before setting foot upon land, they drew up the first contract of government, America’s “birth certificate,” the Mayflower Compact. It begins …

I am glad we have a free press. It lets William Powell (Guest Column; Oct. 11) tell us how upset he is that “Democrats are duty bound to obstruct any legal action executed by our President.”

Throughout much of our history, teachers read the Bible to students and scripture was memorized. Students and teachers prayed together and the Ten Commandments were displayed in the schools.

According to National Geographic, only 9 percent of the world’s plastic is recycled. In states where recycling is mandated such as New York and California, people are fined if they do not recycle and the citizens of those areas do not mind doing their part.

VFW stands for Veterans of Foreign War.  The VFW and auxiliary works hard to help our veterans.  I thought for a long time that the VFW was just a place to go and drink, boy was I wrong.  We have so many veterans and families that need help.