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With our current recycling plan, the residences of Hendersonville are forced to drive over 20 minutes to the nearest recycling drive in Gallatin - if dedicated enough to make the commitment.

For the rest of us, we instead throw away the recyclable goods instead of making the commitment. As you can see, our choices are all based out of convenience and it would be wise for the city of Hendersonville to invest in recycling bins to place in public areas.

This could consist of parks, parking lots, businesses, schools and plazas. This way we only need to take a few seconds out of our day to decide if our trash is reusable or not. Better still, we can also check out a local curbside collection program for our neighborhoods that can collect waste on a regular basis.

Another way we can involve more participants is by talking with students at elementary schools. This can lead to the development of a lifelong habit as well as even encouraging their parents or relatives to participate as well. Simply sending a spokesperson to discuss with the youth can change a families’ lifestyle.

These were just a few ways we can encourage recycling programs in Hendersonville and it’s clear that we need to take action in helping our citizens recycle more efficiently and less demanding less time in our day.

Luke Scherba


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