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What in the world is wrong with people here? Covid-19 is a hoax? Well the joke’s on you all. This is real and pushing limits every day, because of your mis informed info.

More test positive and more die. What exactly don't you all understand about this extremely severe situation?

None of us likes the fact that we have to wear masks, but essential shopping really isn't going to department stores, Goodwill, and other thrift stores. If you are that bored, you need to find a hobby.

How about considering your fellow man? You may unknowingly have the virus and spread it, because of your selfishness and ignorance. Why can't we all abide by the mandated CDC and local government rules, to not only protect ourselves with a mask but show compassion for our neighbors?

Be informed, stay informed and together we will beat this. If all of you are so into religion and the bible, perhaps you should re-read Revelations....this is a prophesy from the Lord. We have the chance to overcome this devastating pandemic, if we all work together and take care of each other.

Mary Vonderen,


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