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Tom Sawyer is a character made famous in the novels written by Samuel Clemens better known by his pen name Mark Twain. Among Mark Twain’s unfinished works is Tom Sawyer’s Conspiracy and, in this book, Tom is quoted as saying “The wronger a conspiracy is, the better it is.”

Although conspiracy theories have been used in politics for many years, fake news and conspiracies are so prominent today that much of what is posted on social media and published as news cannot be trusted.

While I am accustomed to conspiracies being spun in national politics, it saddens me to see the same technique being used in our local election. Just because a majority of the members of the Hendersonville Board of Mayor and Aldermen (BOMA) have voted to pass certain legislation, disgruntled persons have contrived a conspiracy to say there is a “gang of seven” trying to control the city.

Tom Sawyer would have loved this one, because it is dead wrong! There is no such thing as a “gang” among the members of BOMA. I have been a resident of Hendersonville for more than 45 years. Shortly after we moved to Hendersonville the city government transitioned from an at-large form in which a small group was in control, to a representative form, where the citizens in each of six wards could elect two aldermen to serve their interests.

Thankfully our city has functioned with a representative form of democracy since that time. On Nov. 3, citizens of each ward in Hendersonville will go to the polls and vote for aldermen in their ward as well as for mayor.

I suggest you do some research and look at the qualifications of the persons running for alderman and mayor. Don’t cast your vote because of a conspiracy theory designed to scare citizens into making unwise choices. Vote for the individual with the best qualifications to make good decisions about the operation of our city.

Charles Lott,


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