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As what has been deemed "an essential biz worker, I would like to comment on the re-opening of Goodwill, Indian Lake.

By the CDC recommendations, we have to follow many rules, because of the current COVID situation. We have guidelines in place for employees, as well as clients.

During the past few months, our jobs have gotten increasingly more difficult. We as workers, risk our health every day to stay open and serve the public. Many days it is extremely difficult to do the job that is expected of us.

I honestly don't think that the public comprehends the total scope of what needs to be done to stay open and operating for them. The total disregard by many, to follow "the rules" is nothing short of the "you are here to serve me" syndrome.

The world has changed overnight and some just don't seem to understand. Unfortunately, if the population doesn't start listening and adhering to the rules and CDC guidelines, we could end up right back where all of this started.

Please take a moment to review and understand what this virus is all about and how it effects not only you, but all those that you come in contact with. Be aware of how long the virus can live on certain surfaces. Have a bit of compassion and understanding for those of us that HAVE to work.

We can do this together and come out on the other side, even better than before. We just need to band together, follow the rules and care about everyone, not just ourselves.

Mary Van Vonderen,


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