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It is hard to believe that some of us are seeing the formation of an oligarchy in our town; formed by some of the aldermen/women we voted for.

Seven aldermen decided they have the right to choose a mayor for us with or with­out our vote, and are currently supporting new candidates to replace the brave six aldermen that refused to vote for hiring a city administrator, obviously a hired mayor of their choosing.

Prior to the 1980s we had such an oligarchy under the leadership of a city ­manager.by referendum we the people of Hendersonville restored our town back to a democracy.

Alderman Jim Waters warned his fellow aldermen about hiring a city administrator and that it would change our form of government, possibly illegally. He used the phrase "be careful what you wish for". I will borrow his phrase with modifications. Be careful who you vote for this year.

Please re-elect Alderman Waters and all the others that voted no to hiring a city administrator. That includes Mayor Clary. I will be supporting him and voting for Alderman Skidmore in my ward.

In addition, I have read the political resumes of the newcomers running to re­place the six I mentioned. I read nothing about service to our citizens at large. I read they are more than ready to serve the oligarchy mentioned above.

Dolores Whitfield,


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