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I read the Sept. 26 letter from Judith Hughes described as misinformation about the Liberty Creek School campus.

I commend Ms. Hughes for her attempts to research the details of this situation.  She called Director of Schools Dr. Delford Phillips, her county commissioners, the White House Utility District, and County Executive Anthony Holt.  

Yet, the only one she actually spoke with was Anthony Holt.  She said nothing about any of the other individuals returning her calls. Is she OK with being ignored by people supposedly representing the public?  

Ms. Hughes seems to take Mr. Holt statements at face value without continuing her research, even though Mr. Holt has been caught multiple times in contradictory statements.  Whether she didn’t know, didn’t ask, or Mr. Holt didn’t say, the engineering firm hired to determine the best route for the Liberty Creek sewer line contributed to Mr. Holt’s campaign.  There was no call for bids and as far as we can determine, no attempt to even solicit information from any other engineers. 

If “there is very little easement” along the road, rather than purchase land alongside an environmentally sensitive creek, why not spend that money to expand the road easement that is already there?

Mr. Holt may have purchased his property years ago but that is irrelevant to whether he stands to benefit today from the sewer.

The engineering report is now not available for citizen review due to national security? Who does get to see this document before taxpayer money is spent? 

Ms. Hughes states the value of the Liberty Creek complex - that people should “be glad (the land) is not a less desirable development.”   

People are not upset about the school complex - they are upset over the placement of a sewer line along personal property, potentially spoiling a creek and requiring landowners to still be held responsible for a liability that they do not want.

They are also upset over the doubling of the sewer diameter from the 8-inch required for the school to 15-inches that will set up the sewer for developers. They are also upset that the taxpayer funded sewer line will later be given to the White House Utility District.

Ms. Hughes says she isn’t a friend of Anthony Holt. Why after living in Hendersonville for 40 years is she suddenly an advocate for Delford Phillips and Anthony Holt in this land grab? Why does she feel the need to present her own misinformation without doing due diligence? Why didn’t she reach out to the homeowners? Ms. Hughes tells her story, but it is again not the whole story.

Ruth Fennell,


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