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As the weeks go by, since returning to work, I have now become fearful again about the rise in COVID cases. 

It seems to me that my fellow citizens, here in Sumner county, either just don't care about themselves or anyone else. Wear a mask when out in public. It's not comfortable but show a bit of consideration for others. 

If we don't continue practicing the CDC guidelines, to slow, stop the spread of COVID, we will surely be back to square one, with the closing of all business. It's already started in downtown Nashville. 

Consider what is really "essential" shopping. We are all ready for this to be over but without total commitment from the community, we will just keep going in reverse. 

This is a serious situation, not to be taken lightly. Let's all have more consideration for each other’s health. You could be a carrier of the virus, without knowing it and spread it. Be informed. Stay up to date, watch the news. Do your part to be safe and keep others safe!

Mary Van Vonderen, 



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