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I am writing on behalf of our mayor, Jamie Clary. I fully support Jamie Clary and I feel he has done and is doing a fantastic job for the citizens of Hendersonville. 

I personally did not know Jamie until I had a public works problem in my neighborhood. Jamie not only called me personally to let me know he was addressing our issue, but he personally followed up once the issue was solved.  

What mayor does that?  A proactive mayor who takes his job seriously.

I was pleasantly surprised to receive such prompt and competent help from a public official and have had one other encounter with our mayor since that event, the result was the same.  

Excellence is not always a byproduct of a politician or public official; we are very fortunate to have the very best in Hendersonville. 

If there were more public servants like Jamie Clary, America would not be in the condition it is now.  As for me and my house, we will vote for Jamie Clary again.

Buddy Hyatt,



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