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In response to Gary Lampman recent letter, April 30,2020:


What were the democrats and the mainstream media focused on day and night when President Trump signed a ban on Jan. 29 restricting travel from China and setting up a task force to address the growing concerns? The impeachment of President Trump. 


During all the democrat debates going on all through February, not a single question was posed to the candidates about the virus until the last one and even then, it was not elaborated on or expounded upon it. In late February, the famous Dr. Fauci was encouraging people to go about their daily lives and that everything was alright. 


It was not until March 11 before the World Health Organization declared it a pandemic, almost seven weeks after President Trump put things in motion. And just this past week, Democrat Gov. Cuomo of New York, finally ordered the subways in New York City get a deep cleaning every night, seven weeks after it first hit his state! 


Let me emphasize SEVEN WEEKS in a state that is responsible for nearly one third of all deaths in the United States. Talking about lack luster!

Many of those businesses are sole proprietors that most likely have a tremendous amount of their own money invested in their business and they have every right to try to protect their investment and their family’s security, just as you have every right to protect your property, your family and their security. 


Who gave you the moral authority to judge these people that most likely employ many individuals that depend on a paycheck from that businessman or woman to put food on their table, a roof over their head and to pay their bills? Yes, they are driven by profits but just as importantly, survival. They owe you no apology for that.

Now let’s dress down those dastardly businessmen and women, how dare they hire someone and pay them the wage that the employee AGREED to when they accepted the job. How dare they? If an employee is not happy with what they are being paid, they have options. One, they can try to negotiate a higher wage with the employer or two, they can quit and find a job that will pay them more. Pretty simple. Who gives you the right to determine what a so-called livable wage is?


Don Campbell,


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