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More than two years ago, my family of eight relocated from Connecticut to Tennessee. We spent more than a year researching the greater Nashville area to determine where our family would best fit. 

We selected Hendersonville. By and large the community has been very welcoming as we jumped in and got involved. And we couldn’t be happier- even the teenagers!  

Having been active volunteers and taking an interest in local, state, regional and national politics previously, we have continued to do so in our new home city. No political parties for local elections is confusing to these New Englanders, I will admit, and sadly I don’t think it accomplishes the intended goal. 

Instead of uniting members of the community around common, known objectives, I have found local politics to seem fractured and far too personal. It is nearly impossible for a newcomer to get real information about the views of those running for local offices. My husband and I have worked to gain information and meet candidates and elected officials so as to be good stewards of our voting rights and privileges. 

We happily found a welcome voice we feel represents our views and fights for our best interests as residents of Hendersonville in Mayor Jamie Clary. Without knowing more than that we were new residents, he has been responsive, helpful and forthcoming every time I have contacted him.  

With several eligible voters now in our household, his steadfast commitment to the betterment of our city; to balanced budgets; to improving our infrastructure; and to the continued prominence of Hendersonville in the region are all reasons we are thrilled to support his re-election campaign and urge your readers to do the same.  

Lani Siciliano,



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