There is viable choice for mayor of Hendersonville in the upcoming November election. Brenda Payne is the only candidate running with the experience, knowledge, and interpersonal skills to be an effective CEO.

With her decades of management experience from financial services to nonprofits, Payne has the acumen to building the local workforce by concentrating on much needed economic development for Hendersonville.

Having been the President and CEO of the Hendersonville Area Chamber of Commerce, she knows the pulse of local business. She has maintained those relationships by her almost daily small business tour to local merchants and organizations. She listens to these owners and managers because she wants to work for a robust local economy, knowing that is what affects positive growth.

And in her position with the Chamber, she cultivated relationships with leaders at the city, regional, and state levels. This gives her the bandwidth to troubleshoot issues like traffic, transit and funding for important projects.

Brenda Payne has an open-door policy and has been very responsive any time I've had a question or comment. She will foster a smooth transition with our new City Administrator while developing the enhanced visions that comes with being mayor in the 21st century.

Her servant's heart is truly evident. I see her taking meals to our local fire halls to support our local first responders and volunteering with United Way and Historic Rock Castle. Her faith is a guiding force, a salient point in which I personally identify.

Jen Yamin,


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