Our family was privileged to move from Nashville to Hendersonville in 2004. In the beginning our focus

was accessing the educational opportunities for our daughter’s nursing career, (and) our new grandsons’ basic education and community. Thanks to new friends I met like Brenda Payne, the move was instrumental in expanding, enriching, and cultivating my real estate career.

She was one of the first people I came in contact with to welcome me to my new community. Brenda has helped so many people in small business feel welcome and inspired in the Hendersonville community. She really cares about the city and the people that live here.

I have watched Brenda work with mayors, government officials, business owners, Churches and Clubs, to make our city, America’s greatest small town. She has a way of getting people together from across our city to work on one common goal of making this a better place for all.

I have watched as she worked diligently with the city to bring many good technology, engineering, and professional jobs to our city. She is also a member of the morning Rotary, which I have had the honor of membership since 2008. Brenda does so much volunteer work thru various organization to the betterment of our beautiful city by the lake.

I am excited to see how she will bring our community together (and) to continue improving our wonderful community. I could go on and on about her contributions to our community, but ask anyone in small business, local organizations and outreach groups about the good works Brenda has been involved with here in our city. She needs to be our next mayor of Hendersonville.


Cheryl Bretz,


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