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Candidates for office, our Sumner County School campuses are used as polling sites throughout the county.

I would respectfully ask that you communicate with your volunteers the need to leave our campuses the way you found them. I spent 25 minutes at HHS on Nov. 4 picking up your campaign signs found throughout my campus.

I could call out the worst offenders but I will not do that here. Suffice it to say there were signs from almost all campaigns left on my campus.

I do this because my families and students should not be subjected to your campaign materials when they arrive at school following an election.

This should not be my job. You or your volunteers should make a concerted effort to canvas all our county schools that are polling sites to ensure they are clean and sign-free prior to the start of the next school day.

I appreciate your attention to this detail in future elections.

Bob Cotter,

Principal of Hendersonville High

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