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Regarding BOMA, if you are happy and you know it, clap your hands… and vote to keep things as they are. If you want our next “Selected-by-the-Whole-City” mayor to have only a single BOMA vote that carries no more weight than any single alderman’s, vote “Same” for your district’s next alderman.  

When you pull the handle for your choice of mayor, think who from past experience and performance would be most capable of representing us all?  Our next mayor must lead us in spite of this “Mayor-in-Name-Only” system that imposes restraints where the mayor has no more power to lead than the loudest-voiced alderman elected from just one of the districts.

Whoever we choose for mayor in our current “Weak-Mayor” system will have to be effective even with the Board of Mayor and Aldermen officially usurping our “supposed” Chief Executive Officer’s duties and responsibilities.

We must be convinced that our candidate is personally talented enough to be even more effective if the next BOMA reinstates the mayor as the “official” CEO whereby our mayor can actually be in charge and responsible to our whole city in the “Strong-Mayor” system our whole city chose in our last city-wide referendum.  I will happily sing and clap my hands only if the winning votes are for “Change.”

Burkett Nelson,


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