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I have been a resident of Hendersonville since 1982. I voted to change our city government to an elected mayor and Board of Aldermen, electing two aldermen from each of our six wards. 

This seemed to be working pretty well until this past year. I have been attending the BOMA meetings for the past couple of years. I have been so embarrassed for our city. The meetings dragged on for hours, with nothing being accomplished. 

And then to my amazement, I watched as seven of our aldermen decided to hire a city administrator, decrease the elected mayor’s job to being the face of Hendersonville - decreasing his salary to about half of what he was getting when he was elected, and decreasing his responsibilities. 

The city would be “run” by a city administrator hired by the board. And his salary will be about twice what our elected mayor receives. Timing on the selection of the CA changed, and all of a sudden, we had an interim CA. I have been amazed at how Jamie Clary has been willing to work with the interim CA. 

It’s time for the city to take back the control I thought we had. On Nov. 3, we’ll be voting for new board members, as well as our mayor. Honestly, I have no idea why anyone wants to be mayor, but I do want to give Jamie Clary the chance to finish the job he was hired to do four years ago. I do not agree with everything he has done, but I do believe that he makes the decisions he does in what he feels is the best for our city. 

This is his city, and he wants what’s best for us all. I will be voting for Jamie on Nov. 3, as well as voting for Lee Peterson as my alderman, replacing Scott Sprouse. It’s so important for us to vote. I want to see us return to the city I was happy to say was my city. We’ve been a joke for the past year or so; shouting and being so dysfunctional and rude at the BOMA meetings. I want to see us function again.

Lucy Hardin,



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