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I am writing to you about the very important choice we have in the mayoral race in Hendersonville. This is the first time I have written a letter to the editor but considering the issues facing Hendersonville, this is an important time to speak up. 

I urge you to vote for Mayor Jamie Clary. Mayor Clary embodies genuine integrity, honesty, righteous character, has strong values and displays ethical behavior. 

He has faced multiple conflicts throughout his term as he has worked towards positive changes for Hendersonville and throughout each conflict, he has taken the higher ground and maintained his integrity and in doing so has made Hendersonville shine in a great light. 

When Clary advocates transparency and accountability in government, he means opening the city's proverbial books to its residents, being certain that communication is open and that all are welcome to participate.

Integrity is also integral to true fiscal responsibility as advocated by Clary. Mayor Clary’s determination to eliminate waste, mismanagement and to prioritize those projects that best serve our community is evident in his accomplishments, such as repair to roads, much needed traffic lights, properly staffed police and fire departments and the continued growth of our beautiful park system. 

During Mayor Clary’s term he has made our local government accessible to the people it serves. Clary makes himself available as he supports our local schools by attending their pep rallies as well as attending and promoting their fundraisers. 

He has been very vocal in supporting our local businesses, especially those that give back to our community. His public appreciation to those businesses creates a greater sense of community and helps develop better programs for our community. 

A fine example of this is the coalition that Clary helped put together to create the Smores Camp, a program to assist children in our community who need help with reading skills. 

Mayor Clary’s main focus is that of the residents' needs. For example, the new contract for trash collection. Clary made every effort possible to gather information about what services were most important to the citizens before moving forward with a contract. 

And, once the new company started, Clary continued to keep in communication with residents to ensure that kinks were worked out. Mayor Clary has strengthened this community, please join me in voting for him again as our Mayor of Hendersonville.

Danielle Slack,



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