Castalian Springs

Jack and Lenore Brown to Mark and Susan Warmouth, 185 East Robertson Rd., Castalian Springs, $349,900.


Phillip Rupert to Nicholas and Michelle Golden, 1007 Alrich Ct., Gallatin, $555,000.

Timothy Allen to Jamies and Dicson Barahona, 448 Perrolee St., Gallatin, $143,000.

Sheila and Marvin Carlton to Crystal Purcell, 1026 Hartsville Pike, Gallatin, $180,000.

Celia Moorman to Miranda Cravens, 103 Daleview Ave, Gallatin, $171,900.

George and Patrick Murphy to Clayton Cook, Lot 709 & 719 Harris Ln., Gallatin, $195,000.

Jim W. Campbell, Jr. Trustee of the Jim W. Campbell, Jr. Revocable Living Trust to Eva Zaragoza, 1119 Leann Ct., Gallatin, $235,000.

Kent and Debra Adair to John and Susan Hawkins, 605 Concord Dr., Gallatin, $414,283.

Southeastern Building Corp to Debra and Rodney Adair, 1052 Paddock Park Cir., Gallatin, $327,900.

Public Square LLC to Benjamin and Umeka Alexander, 138 Cambridge Dr. A3, Gallatin, $168,900.

Randy and Nora James to Hoffman Byrd Properties LLC, 1022 & 1022B Freedom Church Rd., Gallatin, $2,150,000.

Sheron-Wilee and Kerry Ford to Steve and Nancy Brooks, 1013 Harness Cir., Gallatin, $58,000.

Colleen and Roger Wilson to Joanna Barksdale, 1020 Hidden Woods Trail, Gallatin, $130,000.

Gregory Stewart to Adam and Sarah Wade, 1052 Harper Dean Way, Gallatin, $249,900.

Tim and Lynder Blaylock to Quinna and William Miederhoff, 355 Marrell St., Gallatin, $70,000.

Justin Kleinert to Chad Ohman, 238 N Willomont Ave., Gallatin, $173,500.

Shawn Jackson to George Dial, 1724 Lake Grassland W, Gallatin, $337,500.

Amanda Miles to Anna Vanhooser, 610 Lilycrest Dr., Gallatin, $261,500.


Sharon Pike to Middle Tennessee Property Group LLC, 508 Elba Dr., Goodlettsville, $125,000.


Parkside Builders LLC to Domenico Serpe, 321 Lakeside Park Dr., Hendersonville, $261,877.

Clayton Properties Group Inc. to Joseph and Laura Patton, II, 1619 Drakes Creek Rd., Hendersonville, $294,279. 

Shenouda Daniel to Cody Thomas, 1008 Sweet Oak Ridge, Hendersonville, $56,000.

Vickie Trull to Elvin and Hollie Butler, 365 Indian Lake Rd., Hendersonville, $384,900.

Andrea Mahan to Dane and Aubre Poppin, 130 Holly Dr., Hendersonville, $224,500.

Sonja Hamilton to Gregory Deason, 108 Shirley Dr., Hendersonville, $228,000.

Carolyn and Charlie Smith to Jesse Pennington, 135 Wessington Pl., Hendersonville, $285,000.

Ryan and Abigail Brown to Tarro and Jane Jefferies-Freer, 1048 Gadwall Cir., Hendersonville, $650,000.

Kenneth and Ashley Pickerill to William and Lara Schuler, 197 Wynbrooke Trace, Hendersonville, $378,000.

Philip Witherspoon, Jr. to Karen and Kevin Heflin, 1005 Cross Creek Ct., Hendersonville, $309,000.

Cony and Diane Glaeser to Ribbon Home Spv I LLC, 113 Galway Lake S., Hendersonville, $525,000.

Parkside Builders LLC to Rachel Higgins, 1004 Emery Bay Cir., Hendersonville, $256,887.

Angela and Adam Miles to Ribbon Home Spv I LLC, 197 The Hollows Ct., Hendersonville, $498,000.

Steven Chandler to Yamasa Co Ltd., 108 Oak Leaf Ct., Hendersonville, $230,550.

Gordon and Glenda Reid to Justin Kleinert, 122 Two Valley Rd., Hendersonville, $190,000.

Jeremy and Sarah Perger to Josh Newman Ventures LLC, 418 Indian Lake Rd., Hendersonville, $222,500.

Dean and Marilyn Prokop to Donzettaquice and Solomon Titus, 168 Allen Dr., Hendersonville, $319,000.

Dustin Waltke and Anne Roth to Jim and Kathy Bellar, 126 Two Valley Rd., Hendersonville, $231,000.

Indian Lake West Development Partner to Norman A. Maehara and Mardy J. Maehara, Trustees of the Maehara Family Trust, 261 Indian Lake Blvd. St. 90, Hendersonville, $1,025,000.

Jose Ramirez and Maria Henao to Christopher and Lindsey Brasher, 114 Annapolis Bend Cir., Hendersonville, $305,000.

Benson and Brittany Langille to David and Lyndsay Salvador, 306 Coronado Circle Pvt. 100, Hendersonville, $257,000.

Clayton Properties Group Inc. to Mark and Marilyn Snyder, 742 Canter Ln., Hendersonville, $340,752.

Clayton Properties Group Inc. to Daniel Suarez, 700 Canter Ln., Hendersonville, $393,651.

Clayton Properties Group Inc. to Frank and Tanisha Rogers, 726 Canter Ln., Hendersonville, $421,448.


Crystal Purcell to William and Katherine Conner, 106 Lynnwood Ct., Portland, $170,200.

Brandon Clinard to Justin Andreas, 505 College St., Portland, $135,000.

Dan Connelly to Jaimee and Daniel Duncan, 102 Wind Wood Dr., Portland, $339,900.


Chloe and Jared Pedigo to Brooke Rodgers, 4010 Brown St., Westmoreland, $112,400.

White House

Brandon and Ashley Goodwin to Robert Bartko, 120 Grayson Ln., White House, $374,000.

Richard Suiter and Bob Halvorson to Laresa Jackson, 104 Daffodil Ct., White House, $265,100.

Sarah Dorman to Jeffery and Rachele George, 115 Sunnyhill Trail, White House, $175,000.

Crystal Hobbs-Dyer and Jason Dyer to Colleen and Adam Wilcox, 121 Ashfield Ct., White House, $339,000.

Elena and Dustin Clayton to Brian and Kaitlyn Johnson, 606 Highland Dr., White House, $255,000.

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